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Database Web Hosting Guide And Dedicated Web Hosting Providers

What is Database Hosting?

Database hosting is for businesses and developers that need the extra horsepower and tools to handle large database oriented jobs. Most database hosts include a variation of SQL and other database options as well as multiple programming languages to aid development.

How Will I Know If I Need Database Hosting?

Ask yourself questions like these about your website and company. Will you offer your users the ability to search and buy products on-line? Will you have a store locator? Will you offer password-protected pages or the ability to securely serve the right information to different groups of users? Will you provide historical reports such as post orders, inventory and fulfillment? Will you offer information to users such as FAQís, glossary, product reviews and press releases? If you answered yes to any of these you will need a host that provides database support.

What are my options?

can choose from a variety of Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Server, Informix or Ingress.

What features will I get from any of these programs?

Databases store data in tables. They are similar to fixed-width text files, but their fields (known as columns) can contain many different data types. Databases commonly have administrative capabilities to manage the tables, the ability to secure information with user idís, passwords or domain protection. You can also input, retrieve, search or filter the stored data.

What do I consider when choosing a Database host provider?

To successfully deliver a database-driven web site your web host needs to be reliable, fast, have regular maintenance and excellent tech support. Thatís why itís important to choose a web host that understands and supports your database needs to optimize your web siteís performance. Discuss the operating system, web server, database server, and web development tools.

Donít overlook the importance of clearly outlining to a prospective web host how maintenance of the database and web servers will be handled. Maintaining a dedicated web server is intensive enough much less maintaining security and optimization of a growing database. If you arenít sure what maintenance you will need or donít have the time or resource to maintain your own servers, you should consider a managed hosting plan. With managed hosting, the web host provides some if not all of the maintenance required to securely and reliably deliver your web site. Get specific with your prospective web host and avoid overlooking maintenance issues that you need included in the cost of your hosting plan.

What format and connectivity do I need?

In general, a web site developed with a Microsoft Windows application such as FrontPage will run most efficiently on a dedicated Windows server. In the same token, a Linux web site should be run on a dedicated Unix server. However, a FrontPage web site can also be hosted effectively on a Unix server running the latest FrontPage extensions. Discuss the pros and cons with each prospective Web host as to which type of server and operating system they recommend.

Depending on the size of the database, you may even need to consider a separate database server. Ask if the prospective web host recommends one dedicated server to run both the database and the web site or running separate servers. A server configured to run complex database applications will have 4 or 5 times more RAM than a typical web server. Thatís because it is drastically faster to complete search results from database data stored in RAM than on the hard drive. This is accomplished using special algorithms to figure out what key database data to store in RAM so that search results for each query are delivered at least 10 times faster compared to data stored on the hard drive in effect turbo-charging your web pages. How important is this difference? Consider Google.com who stores over 3 trillion web pages in their database yet can deliver search results in less than half a second on average!

Connectivity speed to the Internet is also vital for serving a content-rich database web site reliably and quickly. Especially if your user traffic is projected to be high or experience rapid growth. Companies that co-locate with, or resell the services of a third party often do not have complete control over the performance of their network and computers. Companies who own and control their own operations can better ensure the reliability of their services. It is also a good idea to ask what types of lines connect them to the Internet. Anything less than T3 could mean problems with response times on your web site if they are over-utilizing their connectivity.

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