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The Importance and Fundamental Uses of Miva Merchant 5.5's Search Engine Optimization Templates


WebNet Hosting LLC, industry leading Miva Merchant Web Hosts, based in the Washington, DC metro area, offer customizable e-commerce hosting plans that utilize the renowned Miva Merchant online shopping cart software and its distinguished search engine optimization (SEO) templates. SEO is a vital process for those operating Miva Merchant e-commerce sites. The practice of SEO involves amplifying and enhancing the traffic to a website from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. SEO is primarily accomplished through the process of creating and building quality, organic backlinks through various methods such as article marketing, press releases, newsletters, tags and other forms of marketing and promotion. Studies show that Google accounts for around 80% of all online search inquiries thus Google should be the primary focus for SEO purposes.

The essential goal of SEO is to move your site to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This will increase traffic, page rank and visibility - otherwise known as web presence. As research has proven, increased sales are the direct result of a strong web presence. What company wouldn't want to boost their sales?

The meta and title tags of a web page are the key elements that search engines use in order to categorize web pages. Most times, these tags remain invisible to the visitors of a site because they are in the head section of the HTML document. Meta tags provide information regarding page content and consist of keywords describing the page's subject matter. Choosing and implementing meta tags based on your target keywords is the first step to running a successful online business.

For the owners and operators of businesses operating on the Internet, especially those carrying an array of products and/or services, creating exclusive meta tags for each and every item can be a somewhat daunting and time consuming process. Thanks to Miva Merchant 5.5 and its SEO templates, this procedure is considerably simplified. In turn, the online entrepreneur gains more time to focus on other forms of marketing and SEO such as optimized article writing and social media.

By using the services provided by Miva Hosts, you can attribute unique descriptions, keywords and titles to the bulk of your pages by simply editing three page templates. These templates are known as Storefront, Category Display and Product Display.

The Storefront template allows you to create and easily apply the most effective meta tags and title for your home page. On the other hand, with the category and product display templates, you can quickly and painlessly create and apply tags and descriptions to all individual product and category pages.

It is imperative to use the most searched for words so that page rank can improve and traffic to the site can grow. This will, in turn, lead to higher sales. Always remember that finding and using dynamic keywords as tags is a vital component of the SEO process.

WebNet Hosting provides its clients with reliable Dedicated Miva Hosting and Shared Miva Hosting at the best prices online.

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