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Codero Introduces Efforts to Help Customers in Poor Economy.

As the nation emerges from a recession, today’s hosting customers continue to demand more for their money. Businesses are facing smaller budgets particularly in the IT area, but still need full functionality and increased connectivity.

To meet customers’ desire for the best value, Codero, a dedicated hosting and managed services provider, has developed several hosting programs to deliver the best possible return on investment for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Innovative Programs

A “Price Match Challenge” was introduced in 2010 to competitively price the products and services organizations need to grow their business. The program gives businesses assurance they have secured the lowest available hosting cost. In an apples-to-apples comparison, Codero offers to match the price for a publicly advertised identical product or service from a competitor. The “Price Match Challenge” is valid on newly activated dedicated and managed hosting services and will be honored for as long as the customer maintains that service with Codero.

“We want to help our customers prevail during the economic slowdown,” said Shelby Garlock, Director of Marketing at Codero. “We are continually looking at how we can position our offerings to businesses so that we all contribute to the economic recovery. Competitive prices and rewards for purchases are a few of the many ways Codero can stretch IT dollars for our customers and lesson the blows they may be suffering during these tough times.”

Another new program, the Rewards initiative, has also been well received by Codero customers. Every dollar spent on a dedicated server, managed hosting or custom network configuration earns points towards add-on services designed to boost website and network performance. Codero Rewards is the first and only program of its kind in the dedicated server/web hosting industry.

According to Ryan Elledge, Codero’s Chief Operations Officer, “Codero Rewards is a very cost-effective method for online businesses to grow and enhance their online storefronts, improve security, manage backup, and more. Members can spend their points at any time and start to leverage the benefits right away.”

New Server Offerings

“It is also more important than ever in times like these to continue providing the best selection of server solutions possible,” added Elledge. “It is still a technology-driven economy. That is why we recently updated our server portfolio to become more diversified. No two customers are alike. They have a wide range of needs so we are able match those needs with the right combination of price and technology.”

Codero’s technology portfolio includes high-performance Windows® and Linux servers delivering business email, eCommerce, security and networking solutions. Nine new server options were unveiled in 2010 including cost-efficient Webmaster Class products; updates to the Professional Class like Intel’s new nahalem processors the Core i5 and Core i7; high performance Quad Core servers in the Enterprise Class; and a refreshed Dell lineup that has the addition of PowerEdge R-Series servers.

PCI Compliance

Further enhancing the dedicated server offering, Codero met all requirements of the Payment Card Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in March, 2010. Businesses who house debit or credit card information are responsible for complying with PCI DSS.

Shawn Hashmi, Director, Operations at Codero, said, “We have seen eCommerce grow steadily over the years. Even in a strong economy, businesses need to maintain secure transaction capabilities. Codero offers that peace of mind that comes with PCI compliance so they can continue to accept online payments without putting their customers at risk.”

A recently re-designed space within the Codero Phoenix data center now includes a secure cardholder data environment, mandating strict access via badge readers and 24/7/365 camera surveillance. The caged-off area also features separate environmental controls and an isolated electrical network.

Managed Hosting

Those companies needing a flexible hosting option that can adapt to their rapidly changing needs rely on the managed web hosting plans from Codero. These services are designed to reduce the total administration costs for businesses while still improving server efficiency. Basic, select and premium solutions are all backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and supported by a U.S.-based team available 24/7/365.

Business’s requirements can change over time as companies grow so Codero also has a comprehensive set of custom services available. A la carte services let organizations pick and choose components to tailor a managed web hosting plan to meet their exact needs including changing their services every month.

Green Initiative

As Codero continues to build a highly-acclaimed reputation for its business-oriented solutions and responsive customer service, the company is also conscious of the impact it makes on the environment. Codero took a leadership position in the industry and launched “Green with Codero.” It purchased 12,600 MWh in renewable energy credits (RECs) and now supplies 100% green power to its data centers in Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA and headquarters location in Overland Park, KS. Through this long-term commitment, Codero becomes the largest dedicated server and managed hosting provider in the industry to offer green hosting solutions across its entire operations. The new “Green with Codero” initiative means any small- to medium-sized company can power their websites and online stores using green energy and move their business in a more environmentally-sustainable direction.

“Codero is mindful of our environment and encourages sustainable living,” says Garlock. “Our customers appreciate our dedication to green energy. Our company culture also is one that inspires our associates and their families to preserve and enhance the Earth.”

In conjunction with Codero’s commitment to being green, during the month of April associates at the company will conduct events that honor both Earth Day and Arbor Day including participation in an EarthWalk.

As the economic climate improves, Codero continues to thrive by embracing change and has been honored with hosting awards nationwide. The company strives to be agile enough to adjust to customers’ needs quickly and will continue to create innovative programs to help propel businesses online to success.

For more information about Codero, visit www.codero.com.

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