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    Nexpoint Technologies’ Tom Honec On What’s New For Small Business

CWH: "We understand that you’ve been busy since we last spoke. Can you give us some insight into how Nexpoint is reinvesting resources to target the needs of small businesses in today’s ever-changing Web hosting environment?"
Tom: "No problem. Since Nexpoint has made some pretty substantial changes to ensure customers the fastest network for their web sites. We’ve doubled our staff and our call center facility allowing our customer service representatives to handle a much higher call volume and handle them more quickly. With our recent growth, we’ve added additional network capacity and upgraded equipment to support multiple gigabits of throughput. Additionally, with our recent partnership with Ensim Corporation, our dedicated servers offer a full suite of control panel software including four tiers of control panels. "

CWH: "What’s significant about your new partnership with Ensim for the Windows 2000 Server Webppliance Pro?"
Tom: "One of the challenges for small web design firms is the increasing cost of Virtual Private Servers. Further, we’ve heard a lot of feedback about the stability and reliability of sharing resources with other heavy usage clients. Instead of offering VPS, we partnered with Ensim Corporation, developed strong relationships with equipment distribution channels, and can now offer dedicated servers for as low as $99/month. In addition, with the release of the Windows Webppliance Pro, there is now an easy solution to managing web sites in the Microsoft environment. Our dedicated Windows 2000 servers start as low as $199/month."

CWH: "How is Nexpoint Technologies helping customers who are launching an E-commerce strategy to more quickly get up and running with your E-commerce solutions?"
Tom: "Reliable e-commerce is absolutely vital to small businesses seeking to establish a direct revenue stream with their online web presence. With that in mind, our Research and Development team set out to find the best shopping cart solutions out today. We chose to purchase licenses to Cart32 and in the upcoming months will begin offering it to our clients. Cart32 offers a hands-off approach to running a Web site and an intensive backend e-commerce solution. Cart32 will allow our clients to start small e-commerce stores in less than one hour!"

CWH: "You’ve spoken in the past about planned enhancements for your Dedicated Hosting products. What have you added for Dedicated customers?"
Tom: "With our partnership with Ensim, Nexpoint now offers both the Windows and Linux version of their popular Webppliance. Further, Nexpoint has extended our dedicated server product line to include FreeBSD, Sun Cobalt RaQ 550s, Red Hat Linux 8.0, and Windows .NET 2003 Server (just released). With the addition of our managed services line, database servers, clustering & load balancing, and dedicated firewalls, our dedicated server clients have scalability, reliability, and fault tolerance."

CWH: "What about your backup solutions for Dedicated customers?"
Tom: "Nexpoint has just recently completed an agreement with NTT/Verio to provide Veritas NetBackup solutions to our dedicated server clients for a nominal fee. By adding managed backup solutions, our dedicated clients can rest assured if there are data integrity problems we can restore to the most recent backup within hours."

CWH: "What kind of network upgrades have you completed or are in the works?"
Tom: "Nexpoint chose NTT/Verio as our main provider of connectivity based on their performance over the past three years. With the recent growth of our dedicated server line Nexpoint has upgraded our network to support over 10 gigabits of aggregate bandwidth."

CWH: "Looking ahead – what other break-throughs are in the works at Nexpoint Technologies?"
Tom: "Our Research Group is working hard on new product offering to our clients. With shared hosting, the word on the street is a brand new control panel by the end of Q3 for total control. In our dedicated servers and managed services, I’ve heard about some new Web site analytics software currently in testing, and discounted 128-bit SSLs by a market leader. There are a lot of exciting stuff going on behind the scenes, and shortly available to our clients."

CWH: "Care to weigh in on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003?"
Tom: "What can I say? It’s brand new and from what I’ve seen, its going to be a great product. With all new software there are still small bugs and quarks that will need to be worked out and that’s why we’ve chose to deploy it only in specialized environments. However, in the next few months, I think you’ll see Windows Server 2003 becoming much more popular with IIS 6.0’s new featuring. "

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