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    Host My Site’s Lou Honick On The Meaning Of ‘Customer-focused’

CWH: "What makes your customers so loyal to your brand?"
Lou: "In today’s rapidly changing, and often unreliable, Web hosting market, we have always believed that the old school methodology of “the customer is always right” would be the key to our success. Today, has grown to be a worldwide leader in customer-focused hosting solutions by gearing our entire operation to constantly provide outstanding customer service at an affordable cost. This has allowed us to back up our aggressive new customer acquisition on the front end with very high customer retention on the back end. I guess you could simply say that being customer-focused means always keeping the customer satisfied."

CWH: "What are some specific things that you are doing to enhance the customer experience at"
Lou: "We know that it is impossible to stay an industry leader without continually reinventing your service to be better than the best. To better meet the new and growing needs that have been surfacing, we have been reinvesting a great deal of resources and energy into broadening the scope of our support infrastructure as well as our Network Operations Center. Not satisfied with being first rate, we are adding additional features and processes that will allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations at every turn. We already provide 24-hour immediate phone, chat, and email support, and we have taken that, and gone several steps further by growing our company from the inside as well as from the outside."

CWH: "Can you be more specific about what you mean by that?"
Lou: "Let me put it this way – we have added a great many very talented individuals to our staff including new senior support, infrastructure, sales, and strategic planning management. Between them, our new human assets bring more than 50 years of experience to our business. In an industry as young as ours, that’s some major firepower! This has resulted in a huge number of immediate positive changes in our systems and the ways in which we handle each and every customer relationship."

CWH: "Are there any other tangible changes you can tell us about?"
Lou: "Yes, our customers can look forward to better redundancy in connectivity, and power including the addition of more DS3 lines, and diesel generator backup capability. We have expanded our dedicated server market, and are now offering fully managed dedicated servers with optional control panels, increased features and added support. We have also rolled out a complete new Linux hosting platform called that we are extremely proud of."

CWH: "That sounds interesting. Can you tell us more about"
Lou: " offers a great many features – too many to discuss here – at a cost that is even lower than our Windows plans. All of the details are available at our new Linux site, To back that offering, we have made a huge commitment and tripled our Linux engineers."

CWH: "Sounds great but does this growth mean that we might start to see your rates increase?"
Lou: "Absolutely not – all that we have been doing to improve has been done without passing on new costs to the customer. We are simply finding more things to offer, rather than increase our costs. Our pricing structure is the same, yet we offer more in terms of features, and service. Anyone that was already working with us is now happily reaping the rewards and new customers are getting more than they expected. Resellers, and developers especially are really seeing the benefits all of our hard work."

CWH: "So your focus will continue to be customer-focused hosting?"
Lou: "You bet! That’s what got us to the dance and we’re not about to change now. Absolutely everything that we are doing is bigger and better than ever before, yet we have been able to maintain the same great 24/7 customer-focused support we’re known for. In an industry that is seeing companies bought out, and hover on the verge of bankruptcy, is absolutely thriving!"
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