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The Top 5 Features of the Miva Merchant 5.5 Shopping Cart Software


1.PCI & PA-DSS Compliance.

The PA-DSS or Payment Application - Data Security Standard is a new set of guidelines established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) that all e-commerce operators must abide by before July 2010. Miva Merchant's shopping cart will be 100% compliant with the new PCI PA-DSS guidelines by the deadline. If your site stores credit card or other confidential information, your shopping cart must be compliant with the new PA-DSS. If your site is found to be non-compliant with the PA-DSS then you could face serious fines and your site could even be shutdown.

ControlScan has developed a tactical partnership with Miva Merchant to provide all-inclusive PCI compliance and security across any and all sites utilizing Miva Merchant Web Hosting. Websites that use ControlScan's services receive a seal from the company notifying customers that they are protected. Generally, after posting this seal on their site, businesses will see profits from sales increase due to the sense of trust produced by the seal. Trust, safety and security are keys to success in the world of e-commerce.

2.Store Morph Technology (SMT)

This popular and powerful new feature allows users to create stores that are totally customized to their specific needs based on provided templates. Store Morph Technology is a huge advancement in the creation, design and management of e-commerce businesses.

With SMT, storeowners have total control over the layout and design of every single page of their store and can move things around however they would like. SMT also allows merchants to have a particular layout on one page and a totally different layout on another page. SMT is renowned for its simplicity and use of basic HTML commands. To create customized pages, a little HTML knowledge can go a long way with the new Miva Merchant 5.5.

SMT allows stores to become more functional to their target clients and customers by modifying small yet important details of a site. This way not every Miva Hosting store looks the same - you can make your site stand out amongst the competition.

3.Miva Skins

A skin is a graphical interface that changes the visual elements, design and layout of a program or website (or in the case of Miva Merchant - an online store) without altering the way the program or site works. In other words, changing the skin of a program alters its physical appearance without changing it on any kind of operational level - skins are of a purely visual nature.

Miva Merchant has developed skins for just about any kind of retailer or service you can fathom. From fishing supplies and jewelry stores to travel agencies and restaurants, they have designed store skins for a wide array of different businesses.

The Miva Merchant 5.5 Skin Store gives the online merchant a huge selection of available store skins. It is then in their hands to discover which store skin and layout will best suite the needs of their particular business.

When a storeowner purchases a skin for their store, they are able to improve the look and feel of their site instantly. They will then have numerous options, which allow the creation of customized variations on the theme of the skin. Also included in the skin purchase are exclusive buttons, background images, banners and images.

4.Miva Modules

Miva Merchant 5.5 presents its users with the ability to purchase third party software and plug-ins known as modules. These modules are great for the business owner because they are easy to install and allow complete customization of their sites (without having to do any costly outsourcing to generate custom programming).

There has been a steadily growing market for Miva Modules thus developers are constantly creating new and improved modules that aid in a variety of tasks. There are numerous modules available; including templates to change the physical appearance and experience visitors receive from a site. These modifications go far and beyond the powerful ability of Store Morph Technology.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) modules have become increasingly popular in the Miva Merchant community and the number of such modules available has been continually rising. Through the proper use of such modules, storeowners can make their businesses stand out by increasing page rank on the search engine results pages (SERP).

Other modules available focus on tasks such as email management, ordering and shipping, marketing and promotions and store management. With such an abundance of Miva Merchant modules on the market, those involved in the e-commerce industry will be surprised by their ability to truly customize their business to their heart's desire.

For a list of the best-selling Miva Merchant modules available, please visit Miva Central's Modules Page.

5.Technical Support

The technical support of Miva Merchant and its Premier Partner hosting companies is unparalleled and unrivaled. They truly care about each of their clients and work on a personal level to solve any problems encountered. Merchants can also find an abundance of information on Miva's website including forums, tutorials, FAQs and videos.

For $19.95 per month and a setup fee of $129, Miva storeowners can join the Miva Merchant Service Club, which provides storeowners with exclusive support through Miva themselves. The $129 setup fee will be waived if you sign up within thirty days of obtaining your Miva license.

If a storeowner signs up with Miva's Service Club they will receive the following:
Priority access with unlimited toll free telephone and email support for Miva Merchant
.Support for Miva Synchro (Miva's unique program that integrates online storefronts and databases with Intuit Quickbooks) .Database Repair
.Free modules, success secrets and store graphics as part of Miva's monthly "Gem"

For the clients of Webnet Hosting, a Premier Provider of Miva Merchant Web Hosting and consistently voted Best Miva Merchant Host, 24/7/365 phone and email technical support are included with all hosting packages at no additional cost. Keep in mind that a quality web host will always provide
24/7 email and/or phone support. Having constant support for your website is important because if your site is not working properly you can quickly lose money and no e-commerce operator wants that!

Author - webnethosting.net

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