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    Hostway’s Michael DelCiello On The New Hostway Agent Program

CWH: "Congratulations on the launch of the Hostway Agent Program. When did you actually unveil this program?"
Michael: "Recently we announced the launch of our new and improved Hostway Agent Program. One of three reseller programs that Hostway offers, the new Agent Program enables Web design firms, system integrators, IT firms, and various other companies to offer co-branded Web hosting services through Hostway. What makes this program so attractive is that agents are now commissioned on revenue rather than number of orders."

CWH: "How exactly does your Agent Program work?"
Michael: "For every hosting plan sold through the agent’s marketing efforts, the agent receives a percentage of the revenue incurred, offering them the possibility of gaining a tremendous amount of additional profits. In addition to offering maximum profit potential, Hostway’s Agent Program was specifically designed to provide reliability of service to its agents without the hassles associated with other reseller programs on the market."

CWH: "How is Hostway eliminating hassles with this Agent Program?"
Michael: "One of the biggest headaches for resellers is offering technical and customer support to its customers and we have eliminated that worry by providing a first-rate support team to answer all customer questions. In addition, we have developed the commission structure to be the best in the industry."

CWH: "Can you outline all of the main enhancements offered with the new Agent Program?"
Michael: "First-rate Hostway technical and customer support focused on the agent’s customers is the cornerstone of our Agent Program. We’ve also added an agent-only portal that can be accessed through Hostway’s intuitive and robust control panel, SiteControl, enabling agents to receive targeted information related to their specific needs and services. And we offer a real-time reporting structure offering agents information on their customers and commissions."

CWH: "What if one of your agents has a question or an issue and needs to speak with someone at Hostway?"
Michael: "We have Dedicated Service Managers focused on offering support and assistance to all agents and their specific needs. So they can contact a real person whenever they need to."

CWH: "And how does the Agent Program pay more?"
Michael: "That’s easy – with a very lucrative commission structure based on revenue rather than number of orders. We are now enabling agents to receive additional dollars for any service upgrades, product add-ons and other special promotions, too!"

CWH: "For those who may not be familiar with Hostway, what makes your company a trusted partner?"
Michael: "Hostway Corporation is a provider of award-winning Web hosting services and tools, supported by superior customer service. Working primarily with small- and medium-sized businesses, Hostway provides the best of hosting technology with innovative online tools to help customers broaden their reach and grow their business. Hostway offers a wide range of shared and dedicated server plans to partner with their customers – from the launch of a Web site through every stage of online growth."

Founded in 1996, the Chicago-based company supports more than 100,000 Web sites worldwide and facilitates millions of dollars in e-commerce transactions each month. Hostway expanded its global reach in 2000 by opening an office in Korea, in 2001 an office in London, and in 2002, an office in the Netherlands. Hostway is a private company, has posted a profit every quarter since its inception and does not rely on outside capital.

For more information on Hostway Corporation please visit Additional information on the Hostway Agent Program can be found at here.

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