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Shared Web Hosting Plan ''SDW-Power 1000'' $15.00/month from HostNed

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May 2002




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SDW-Power 1000 A plan suitable for large and busy e-commerce websites. IIS Server with ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl and .NET. We can customize the account to suit your specific needs. $15/month Key features: Low population web servers Windows Server 2003 platform X10 processing power / memory available to your website Top Gun server placement Stats reporting module Much More

Shared Web Hosting Plan ''SDW-Power 1000'' Specifics

Plan Type:




Monthly Price:


Annual Price:


Set Up Fee:

No Set Up Fee

Disk Space:

1  GB

Extra Disk Space:


Bandwidth Allowed:

200 GB (or 20,000,000 Monthly Page Views)

Extra Bandwidth:


Backup Frequency:


Account Set Up Time:

Couple Hours

Minimum Contract:

1 month

Money Back Guarantee:

30 Days

E-mail Accounts:


E-mail Autoresponders:


E-mail Aliases:


E-mail Aliases:



Access, MySQL
  Site Management Tools

   Control Panel
FrontPage Support
Telnet (shell) account
SSH (Secured Telnet) Support
SSI (Server Side Includes) Support
  Programming/Scripting Tools

   ASP Support
Cold Fusion Support
PHP Support
JSP Support
CGI Support
Perl Support

  E-Commerce Support

   Shopping Cart
Merchant Account
Real-time Credit Card Authorization
SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
  Technical/Customer Support

   24 Hour Technical Support
Toll Free Number for Tech. Support
Technical Support by Phone
Technical Support by Chat
Help / Tutorial Manuals Available
  Miscellaneous Services

   Adult Content Allowed
Free Domain Parking
Free Domain Registration
Non Profit Discount
Private (Dedicated) Servers
  Performace/Enhancement Tools

   Access to Raw Log Files
Graphical Online Statistics
Java Virtual Machine
Streaming Audio
Streaming Video
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HostNed - established in 1999. HostNed was founded with the idea of giving the power of the internet to everybody, to enhance the age of information to it's fullest. We offer great performance web hosting without the high price normally charged for this kind of service. We provide quality affordable web space and back it up with superior personal service - all at an affordable price. HostNed is the ideal option for a first time or even an experienced webmaster. We create the webhosting account and provide the help needed to setup the website. The internet needs as many creative individuals designing websites as possible. This will only happen when people who have ideas are able to bring their ideas to life. We hope by offering low priced webhosting we can help these people achieve great things, help the evolution of the world wide web, and maybe change the internet and the world forever!! Andrew Chappell, founder of HostNed

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Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC3

Server Hardware:


Server Software:

Windows Server 2003, Linux RedHat

Sites Per Server:


Server Component List:

CDOSYS, Jmail, Dundas ASP Upload, Perl WhoIs, Sendmail

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Business Hours

Business Hours:


Technical Support Hours:


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