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Miva Merchant 5.5ís New Streaming Update Saves Time and Headaches for Miva Merchant Users


As of July 20, 2009, Miva Merchant has released the new Feature Upgrade 4 service pack. This upgrade extremely enhances the streaming update system as several major developments have been made.

The Feature Upgrade concepts allows Miva Merchant 5.5 to continually and persistently improve their product without requiring storeowners to rebuild or reinstall their stores in order to enjoy the new features.

WebNet Hosting now provides a free upgrade for all Miva Hosting clients using Miva Merchant 5 to Miva Merchant 5.5. Be sure to work with a Premier Miva Web Hosts which offers this service. Miva Merchant offers seamless integration of these new upgrades with existing versions of the program. While there may have been problems in the past, this new upgrade system validates that it can successfully install before beginning the actual installation procedure. This means that no changes will be made to your store until it is guaranteed there will be no errors with the new feature installation. The last thing that anyone wants is for a store to breakdown during the update process.

Perhaps the most electrifying new feature included in this update is that it has a ten times faster streaming update system. This means that what used to take 10-20 minutes to install to your store will now take only 1-2 minutes.

The transition from your current store to your store with the new features will be smooth and accurate with no errors. If for any reason the installation fails, storeowners can now easily resume, restart or discard the update. WebNet Hosting as a Miva Merchant Premier Partner will ensure that this process goes very smoothly for any Miva Host customer.

To learn more about these exciting new features, please check out the Miva Merchant Blog on YouTube.

Author - WebNet Hosting

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