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HostMySite.com Giving Customers VIP Personalized Service with Entourage Support


Newark, DE - February 6, 2009 - HostMySite.com, a managed dedicated server hosting company, unveils a new support service developed for customers.
Named Entourage Support, this new approach to personal customer service builds on HostMySite.com's existing 24x7x365 support model by giving customers direct access to a specialized team of IT experts. Entourage
Support is free to dedicated and colocated customers and is designed to
enhance their support and service experience with HostMySite. To learn more
about Entourage Support, please visit:

"Entourage Support helps us greatly expand our trusted partnership with
HostMySite.com customers," said Erik Landsness Director of Support Services
for HostMySite.com. "Our customers, no matter what their size, look to us as
a full technology partner for their business. Now, they have an entire team
who is familiar with their business and applications available to them at no
extra cost."

Each HostMySite.com dedicated customer is assigned to an Entourage Support
team, which is comprised of seasoned server engineers. The Entourage Support
teams are familiar with every dedicated customer's hosting architecture to
give customers quick, in-depth, and personalized support and service.

Don Schindhelm, Senior Vice President of Applied Information Technologies,
Inc. comments that "the team approach to providing technical support is very
important to the critical operations of my company. HostMySite.com not only
has real people answering the phone 24/7, they staff each shift with people
we know by name; technical people who are familiar with our operations."

Applied Information Technologies hosts seven managed dedicated servers at
HostMySite.com with varied OS, web, database and email platforms.

"Our Entourage Team at HostMySite.com has provided us with an extended staff
of technical experts who have the depth and breadth of specialized technical
knowledge essential for our survival and growth as a software company," says
Mr. Schindhelm.

About HostMySite.com

Founded on the principle of Service Defined, HostMySite.com provides
individuals, small businesses, and large corporations with dedicated
servers, VPS hosting, and ASP.NET hosting. These hosting services are
supported by 24x7x365 live support through toll-free telephone, email, and
online chat. HostMySite.com has been building and growing their hosting
expertise in Newark, Delaware since 1997. More information can be found at

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