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GoDaddy Prepares to Reveal Internet Super Bowl Sunday Commercial


Scottsdale, Arizona - (The Hosting News) - January 30, 2009 - GoDaddy, as is Super Bowl Sunday tradition, plans to post the Internet-Only version of its commercial online as the big game begins on television, as an extended version, continuing the storyline of the commercial, by the web hosting domain registrar.

Bob Parsons, Founder and CEO of GoDaddy explained, ''Viewers have come to expect our edgy Internet-Only versions on Super Bowl Sunday and this year's online video really pushes the envelopes. In fact, the extended version of 'Baseball' almost makes me blush.''

As for which of Go Daddy's two censor-approved commercials will air during the Super Bowl broadcast, Mr. Parsons wasn't yet willing to say.
The public was asked to cast online votes to help decide which approved ad Go Daddy airs Super Bowl Sunday. Historically, the commercial approval process goes down to the wire for Go Daddy, but for the first time in five years of Super Bowl advertising, Go Daddy received approval for two different ads weeks before the game.

Both choices feature Go Daddy Girl and IndyCar legend Danica Patrick. Both are GoDaddy-esque, meaning they are fun, edgy and slightly inappropriate.

Mr. Parsons remarked, ''The twist in our Internet-Only version of 'Shower' is hilarious. And it just might make some of our critics change their minds about our ads being sexist.''

The online voting flip-flopped leaders multiple times. 'Baseball' was widely criticized in advertising circles, but was an early favorite with fans. 'Shower' took a narrow lead two days before online voting ended. When polls closed, it was so close, staffers were recalculating to confirm the top vote-getter.

Mr. Parsons added, ''I've told reporters we are bringing in professionals from places like Florida and Minnesota. You know professional vote counters who have experience with close poll results.'' Go Daddy's one thirty-second broadcast commercial is expected to air in the game's first quarter.

Mr. Parsons concluded, ''Revealing our approved broadcast ads was fun, but the real excitement will be on our Web site Super Bowl Sunday - our Internet-Only version is classic.''

To see broadcast versions of the commercials, visit www.GoDaddy.com. Visit www.GoDaddy.com on Super Bowl Sunday to see the Internet-Only version of the commercial selected to air.

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For more information about GoDaddy, please visit: www.godaddy.com.

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