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Plans Upgraded, on MaximumASP Virtual Dedicated Hosting


Louisville, Kentucky - (The Hosting News) - January 29, 2009 - Providing free 30 day introductory accounts on its MaxV platform, featuring Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V virtualization technology, is Microsoft Windows based hosting services, MaximumASP.

The introductory offers include a choice of either a MaxV Plan A or Plan B Virtual Dedicated Hosting Plan.
MaxV Virtual Dedicated Plans are hosted on either WS 2008 or 2003 Operating Systems with 32- and 64-Bit Editions. MaxV supports SQL Server 2008 and 2005, or high-performance Shared SQL servers are also available. High Availability, Intelligent Monitoring, Recurrent Backups and Scalability are all included on the MaxV platform.

Wade Lewis, Managing Partner of MaximumASP offered, ''As the need to reduce costs, simplify management, and establish sustainable computing practices continues to grow, we will continue to provide only the best growth path options for our customers.''

The MaxV dynamic IT infrastructure will support virtualization strategies across sever workloads, desktop applications, and both physical and virtual assets.The light overhead, efficient design, overall completeness and proven performance of MaxV also make it the right virtualization choice for server consolidation, disaster recovery and production servers with live applications and data.

Dominic Foster, CTO of MaximumASP added, ''MaximumASP is built around a simple guiding principle: investing the resources and time to do hosting and IT services well so our customers have the time to do what they do well. In the case of MaxV developers can tap into our resources to maximize their coding efficiency and reduce the cost of development by building on existing, extensible components without having to build anything from scratch.''

MaximumASP, based in Louisville, Kentucky was founded in 2000 as an outsourcing firm for Microsoft Windows-based hosting services. The company currently hosts more than 48,000 domains for customers in over 60 countries. With a strong focus on hosting solutions that combine advanced monitoring and management tools, MaximumASP has become a top choice for Microsoft developers seeking a robust hosting platform for mission-critical web applications.

For more information about MaxV, please visit: www.maximumasp.com/maxv.

To learn more about MaximumASP, please visit: www.maximumasp.com.

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