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Supported247, Chosen by InfoGov


Kent, United Kingdom - (The Hosting News) - January 19, 2009 - Web hosting and IT services provider, Supported247, recently was awarded the contract to host InfoGov's corporate and Proteus websites, after their existing supplier failed to deliver a satisfactory level of support.

InfoGov hosted all their corporate websites on Vituozzo Containers (virtual servers) provided by a well established hosting firm. An SQL Injection attack vulnerability was identified by InfoGov support staff who then realized that protection, expected to be provided by the hosting firm was not in place on the containers. After discussion with the hosting firm, it was decided to install their recommended anti-virus solution and then run windows update. This is when problems began. The updates caused the containers to fail taking not only the company website but the software sites hosted for their clients offline. The support offered by the hosting company was not up to the standard expected - communication was ineffective, coordination and technical support far from adequate, overall totally inadequate. Moreover, the entire incident pointed to a distinct lack of technical knowledge regarding correct configuration and management of virtual servers.

Supported247.com provided InfoGov with the backup software that was running on the containers and it was remembered that while dealing with an initial problem the level of support offered was what they required. Supported247.com assisted InfoGov in retrieving the data from the existing servers and setup new container hosting within hours of the issue affecting their service. The decision was then made to move all hosting services to Supported247 based on excellent level of support provided to InfoGov.

Stephen Hall, MD, InfoGov noted, ''Service is everything to us and you have certainly met our expectations, more importantly you have far exceeded the service levels provided by any other company we have used.''

Supported247 currently hosts 7 Virtuozzo Containers for InfoGov hosting the main corporate website along with the Proteus software sites used by their clients. The solution is fully managed by Supported247.com and InfoGov never has to run Windows Update.

Supported247.com provides a range of IT Services to small and medium sized companies in London and Kent. The services include IT Support Services, Remote Backup Solutions, Web Hosting Solutions including hosted Exchange and SharePoint. Supported247.com's offices and engineers are based in London and Kent, along with the help desk and data centres.

To learn more about Supported247.com, please visit: http://www.hosted247.com.

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