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The Planet Includes Panacore, in Client Roster


Houston, Texas - (The Hosting News) - January 16, 2009 - The Planet has added Panacore Corporation to its Northstar Managed Hosting customer portfolio, as a company that provides Internet services, software development and interactive communications to its clients in the petroleum, medical, legal and entertainment businesses.

The company provides consulting and technical services through two divisions. The first division deploys Software as a Service (SaaS), Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Managed Services (MSP) and database solutions. The second division supplies customers with digital video production, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), 3-D design services and Web site development. Both divisions are supported by The Planet’s managed hosting architecture.

Perry Berryhill, CEO of Panacore remarked, ''At Panacore, our customers include us as part of their company construct. They look to us for a wide range of services and expect us to deliver quickly and efficiently. It became clear that adding expensive IT staff didn't help grow the business, and I was focusing more on operations than client development. We needed an IT outsourcing partner with systems that could scale with us, so that’s when I turned to The Planet.''

Steve Kahan, Vice President of marketing and product management for The Planet commented, ''Customers consistently select The Planet for our world-class data centers and enterprise-quality network. With the Northstar Anticipation Advantage methodology, customers work directly with our team of seasoned experts who recommend the best plan for their business. Together, they build in key process indicators that provide a long-term scalability path to accommodate future growth.''

Perry Berryhill began his career in radio and television, industries that are always at the cutting edge of new technology developments. Over the course of a few years - and a taste of doing business directly with customers - Berryhill knew it was time to start his own company. He initially provided network support and developed simple software applications. Not long after, the business became more complex, and he expanded his services to accommodate a growing client base. From IT to new media, Berryhill covers the gambit of services his clients require.

Mr. Berryhill added, ''A lot of small companies like Panacore start as one-off projects for friends, and suddenly there's a real business with operating requirements. Customers kept asking us to work on random projects like supporting their networks, or developing a middleware application to help them communicate with other departments more efficiently. Or they'd ask us to develop a video to make their products more intuitive or attractive. Today, we have in-house specialists who can deliver on this level of sophisticated client work.''

At present, Panacore is finalizing the development of a Web-based physical therapy software. The HIPAA-compliant application features 3-D animation for in-home rehabilitation. Therapists can design specific programs for patients who access their prescriptive protocols online with a user name and password. The software offers convenience for patients and also helps reduce their healthcare costs. The American Physical Therapy Association made the software part of its political action committee activities on Capitol Hill, presenting it to more than 500 Congressmen and Senators, and raising awareness of new technologies that enable industries to do more with less. Released under the name EuPraxia (www.eupraxia.com), the intellectual property is slated for venture participation this quarter.

Mr. Berryhill initially came to The Planet as a dedicated hosting customer who managed his own IT infrastructure. As he says, the landscape changed, and he was suddenly faced with providing extended services to clients that didn't focus on his core business.

Mr. Berryhill added, ''We managed sites for a number of clients, but as the technology environment changed with hackers, malware and security challenges, those issues started to affect our clients. A single incident made it clear we needed more help to build and manage our IT infrastructure. We knew it was time to move to a more robust managed hosting platform.''

Panacore relies on The Planet's Northstar Managed Hosting business to operate its IT environment. With a dedicated team of certified experts always available, he has the confidence to call on clients who might otherwise have opted for larger organizations to do the work.

Mr. Berryhill concluded ''With Northstar Managed Hosting, I have software and hardware engineers, security experts and database administrators who can join me for conference calls with customers. They function as my in-house team and provide high-caliber, high-end services. I don't have to worry about IT anymore, and now I can focus on growing my business. Today I can compete with bigger competitors, backed by the trustworthy people who are on my team.''

Ultimately, The Planet endeavors to provide:

  • High levels of network capacity and speed to deliver peak performance

  • Instant scalability to handle even the largest spikes in network traffic

  • Parallel, redundant, multi-tiered network routing and switching architecture to assure reliability and stability

  • Multiple layer network security that prevents Delayed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from harming businesses

  • Knowledgeable experts with a passion for excellence and a commitment to operate the best networks in the business

The Planet is a provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting more than 25,000 small- and medium-size businesses and 13.3 million Web sites worldwide. The Planet Alpha division provides the widest array of self-managed dedicated servers and advanced services backed by 24x7x365 support. The Planet Northstar Managed Hosting division combines a proactive methodology and seasoned IT experts to deliver a fully managed hosting solution. With the best choice of servers, software tools and world-class support, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and an enterprise-class network, The Planet turns IT into a powerful competitive advantage that enables customers to grow businesses.

For more information about The Planet, please visit: www.theplanet.com.

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