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Layered Technologies Automated Infrastructure Unveiled


Plano, Texas - (The Hosting News) - January 14, 2009 - ''On demand'' IT infrastructure provider, Layered Technologies, has developed a new system designed to provide nearly instantaneous server provisioning, combined with fully automated configuration, pricing, customer notifications, and billing.

The solution is designed as a fully automated web hosting platform that dramatically accelerates the availability and provisioning of servers for both customers and partners. A result of the company's business growth and heavy investments in research and development, this autonomous system will transform processes to speed server delivery and enrich customer experiences.

The 'Astro' platform, is a unique combination of hardware and software that provides flexibility, removes delays, and increases efficiencies during server procurement. Once a server is racked and powered, the system automatically evaluates the equipment and populates the Layered Tech inventory, making the server immediately available to both customers and partners. Customers can buy servers directly through Layered Tech's web site and a new open API, created by Layered Tech, will allow partners to display inventory and coordinate sales in real-time from their own web sites.

Jack Finlayson, CEO of Layered Tech noted, ''Developing Astro was a companywide commitment involving significant financial investment and a year of constant effort from our very talented development team. Layered Tech has focused on making the right investments at the right time, and Astro fits within that strategy. We will continue creating and delivering the services and solutions that help our customers' businesses succeed.''

The system's new automation functionality enables far more than provisioning and inventory management. It also gives customers the option of bundling managed services, such as Layered Tech's unique DEFCON server management program, which delivers tiered levels of security, support, monitoring and specialized software for both dedicated and virtual machines.

Beginning in February, it will also completely integrate with Layered Tech's newly updated centralized client management portal, called Encompass, allowing customers to easily manage their account, request support, reboot servers and access other critical information such as bandwidth graphs, alerts and notifications.

John Pozadzides, Chief Marketing Officer of Layered Tech remarked, ''Our newly revamped system is truly one of a kind. First we successfully integrated several disparate back-end systems into a single unified platform - something that truly differentiates us from other hosting companies. Then we fully automated it. As we fully enable all of the servers throughout our network, our clients will reap the benefits of the world's most advanced hosting infrastructure.''

Layered Technologies is a global provider of managed dedicated hosting, on-demand virtualization/grid computing and web services. By providing high-quality technology, infrastructure and support, Layered Tech enables customers to eliminate capital expenses and save on operating costs while focusing on core business issues. Layered Tech's scalable infrastructure powers millions of sites and Internet-enabled applications including e-commerce, software as a service (SaaS), content distribution and more. Clients range from leading-edge Web 2.0 startups, successful mid-sized enterprises and some the world's largest consultancy and integration firms.

For more information about Layered Technologies, please visit: www.layeredtech.com.

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