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Gearworx Deploys Private Label Virtual Private Servers


Fremont, California - (The Hosting News) - January 14, 2009 - To enable small businesses, developers and hosting resellers to more directly manage and control the reseller hosting environment, has launched private label Virtual Private Servers (VPS), at web hosting solutions provider, Gearworx.

William Gregorian, CEO of Gearworx remarked, ''Our Private Label VPS hosting is part of an organic evolution in the web hosting market, where resellers demand more flexibility while minimizing their overhead by outsourcing their IT infrastructure. We can meet their demands using our new plans and we feel that we're one of the few companies openly offering a solution that's ready for use out of the box. By combining a genuine private label solution with the enterprise-level Virtual Private Servers that Gearworx has been offering for years, we have created an attractive alternative for hosting resellers.'

The company has been providing a variety of Private Label hosting solutions and managed business services for the past seven years. Private label VPS accounts are powered by dedicated VPS containers, hosted on CentOS 5.2 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 servers. Starting at just $100 per month, customers can utilize both Windows and Linux platforms simultaneously, and manage both through a central interface.

Individual hosting accounts are controlled through Parallels Plesk 8.6.x, which offers best-in-class usability and is widely recognized as an industry leader. Additionally, Gearworx provides customers with a full suite of value-added features through the Plesk Application Vault, which offers productivity tools, productivity applications, GroupWare, ZenCart and OScommerce, blogs, and Wiki applications, among other solutions.

Private Label hosting differs largely from traditional shared Web hosting in its ability to provide customers with access to virtual root-level administrator control of the server. Customers also are able to leverage high-performance technology and a multitude of software solutions without directly purchasing or licensing the infrastructure.

Gearworx recently introduced a line of ColdFusion Virtual Private Servers, designed to offer developers with the tools and resources they need to run powerful and scalable applications for their clients.

Gearworx's network features a gigabit Ethernet backbone, built on redundant routing architecture with hardware failover and the Cisco HSRP (Hot Spare Router Protocol). All server hardware (Powered by Dell) is owned and operated by Gearworx, and not outsourced or leased from a third party. Since 2000, Gearworx has provided managed and unmanaged hosting services for individuals and small businesses. Gearworx offers a variety of shared, private label, and VPS hosting solutions. It also offers merchant accounts, hosted mailing lists, and SSL certificates.

To learn more about private label solutions from Gearworx, please visit: http://gearworx.net/private_label.

For more information about Gearworx, please visit: www.gearworx.net.

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