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Cloud Computing’s Effect on the E-Commerce Web Hosting Community

Cloud Computing in the world of e-commerce refers to paying for bandwidth and hard drive space on a scale based on how much you use. This is different than the traditional method of paying for a certain amount of hard disk space and bandwidth. Cloud computing works on more of a utility, on demand basis where you can pay less when you have less traffic visiting your sites.

Amazon.com played a huge part in the expansion of Cloud Computing when they updated their data centers. When they switched over to a Cloud Computing format they found they found that it greatly improved their efficiency. In 2005, running on a utility style scale, they offered access to their Cloud systems through their Amazon Web Services.

Many companies have been switching from having corporate-owned hardware and software to using Cloud style business models using per-use models. Other organizations such as RackSpaceCloud are providing web hosting services on a utility basis. This method of web hosting

For the e-commerce community, this means that you can host an online shopping cart such as a Miva Merchant store and pay only for the hard disk space and memory that you use or the number of websites you have. Currently in the Miva Hosting world, you purchase a powerful hosting package and whether you use all the resources or just a small amount, you still pay for the full package. The same applies for Basic Web Hosting services such as the ones provided by WebNet Hosting.

Furthermore, with the Cloud Computing format there is never a need to store or run any programs off your own hard drive. This means that you will be able to access your site, databases and control panel from any device (be it mobile phone or laptop) anywhere in the world.

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