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SSL Certificates & Your Miva Merchant Site

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are a security protocol used across the Internet to prevent eavesdropping, interference, theft or forgery of any kind. This security feature is generally used in the world of e-commerce when sites are processing vulnerable and private data such as credit card and billing information. SSL uses cryptography to hide information by converting normal data into a sort of indecipherable gibberish of letters and numbers.

SSL has had a major impact on the world of e-commerce and online shopping by creating a sense of trust between the consumer and the online business. Miva Merchant is fully compatible with any SSL from any SSL Provider, and it is setup directly within the Domain Settings within Miva Merchant. When you see the closed padlock in the address bar of your web browser, you can feel safe knowing that the site is secure, trustworthy and using a valid SSL Certificate.

For online storeowners it is imperative that you have an SSL Certificate to not only ensure your customers that your store is honorable but to protect your business as well. Miva Merchant stores use SSL Certificates that are installed on the server to provide you with a secure shopping cart program so that you and your customers can feel safe.

WebNet Hosting provides a free, shared SSL Certificate on all of its Miva Hosting accounts while a dedicated Certificate can be purchased for an additional $150. SSL Certificates are a necessary tool to have in order for your online store to be taken seriously in the e-commerce arena.

Miva Hosting from WebNet Hosting ensures you that your data is secure with either a Shared SSL or Dedicated SSL.

Business Web Hosting is one of the most popular plans from WebNet Hosting which also includes a free Shared SSL, but is also eligible for a Dedicated SSL for a small annual fee.

Provided by  Provided by Forrest Yingling, Marketing Director for WebNetHosting.net

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