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How Do I Become a Reseller

Write Your Plan Down on a Piece of Paper.

Something I would recommend doing before you jump into any business venture. It is always a good idea to write down your plans. All it takes is a word document. Starting small does not mean that you hire a consultant. You should write down meaningful sentences of what you would do to begin and where you want to see the company in the first three, six and twelve months. It is not necessary that it works out and in fact most of the times it ends up completely different from what you expect. You plan to take on 10 clients in the first 30 days of operation and you get 200 and your business plan goes to dump. In any case it is always a good idea to document your course of action so that you do not get lost on the way. Plan about what your opening budget would be like, and how you are going to spend it. Examples include domain registration, server management, marketing and administrative costs. A good business plan is always worth the effort when actually acted upon. My advice to you is to keep it simple and straight with maximum focus on producing results than just day dreaming about it. Keep the following things in mind

Opening Balance
Cost Study
Fund Management
Deployment Strategy
Future Projection

You can base your plan on the points above and write down a good plan of action but remember to keep your plans flexible to changes. There is no guarantee that your proposal would work in the first place so you should not be immune to the rapidly changing hosting business environment around you. Also remember that I used the word *action* which means all your time would have no meaning until you have practically implemented the written procedures.

Check Your Wallet and Gauge Your Budget.

You are lucky to be living in an age where technology rules the world. Due to the recent and rapid changes in the availability of technological products and services and the subsequent competition factor, consumers can now enjoy the advancements of mankind at an affordable price range. Web hosting sector has benefited from this change too. The overall costs of infrastructure such as web server hardware, bandwidth, personnel (outsourcing) has made it possible for web hosts to provide high quality service at a price which is not hard on the wallet. What does this mean for you? It means that you as a potential web host would not need hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter this market but you would need hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work to make it in this market.

Although the individual circumstances vary a lot from person to person, this article mainly focuses on start ups with low budgets. In any case this article is a good read for web hosts with large investments as well.

Patience with lots of research while managing your limited budget is what you need as start up reseller web host. The ability to take a risk in any business is important. Also there no excuse for the lack of knowledge. For example if you want to get few banners designed for your hosting company, make sure that you get the best deal. Search on Google, Designerstalk, Webmaster-Talk, SitePoint, KillerSites and do your research. You can also look for free lancers at Freelancers.net or GetaFreeLancer etc. My whole point is not to throw away your money to the first person you see. Do your home work and try to get the best deal while not getting the quality compromised.

Now that you have a general idea and ready to spend some money we can move on to the next step which will be the official gateway to your upcoming business venture.

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