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Virtual Iron Surveys Hosted Services, with iPhone Giveaway

Lowell, Massachusetts-based Virtual Iron Software, is conducting a brief survey, focusing on the data center needs of hosted service providers and the potential role of server virtualization. All participants in the survey, will automatically be entered in an iPhone giveaway.

The survey,located at www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Cpjf7jAFhNOAL7GtfQde6Q_3d_3d, will examine hosted service provider's needs in the above areas, as well as the role that server virtualization might play in addressing them by reducing data center operational costs, increasing management flexibility and improving service levels.

Hosted services businesses have unique IT infrastructure requirements, in that they manage hundreds, if not thousands, of different customer environments. In order to succeed, the hosted services need to cost-effectively deliver increasingly high service levels in a utility computing model. Some of the requirements in this regard, include:

  • Sharing computing infrastructures across multiple customers while delivering all the security, isolation and performance of dedicated environments.

  • Expanding and differentiating service offerings while meeting stringent service level requirements.

  • Addressing problems associated with under-utilized capacity or under-sized hardware and manage hardware outages.

  • Simplifying system management and reduce high operational costs caused by a complex data center infrastructure.

Participants should be involved with at least one of the following business types:

  • Website hosting

  • Application hosting, software as a service

  • Outsourced servers (shared or dedicated environments)

At the project's conclusion, Virtual Iron will publish the findings of the results of the survey, and make them available for download at its website.

Virtual Iron provides production-ready server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management capabilities for unmodified Windows and Linux at one-fifth the cost of comparable alternatives. The platform combines an open source hypervisor with advanced virtualization services and sophisticated policy-based management. Virtual Iron's products are designed to enable users to take full advantage of new hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel VT and AMD-V) on servers, to deliver near native performance. The software also offers other enterprise-class capabilities such as large memory support (up to 96 GB), large SMP capabilities (up to 8 CPUs) and the ability to virtualize server platforms with up to 32 physical CPUs. Virtual Iron requires no installation or management of software on physical servers, further simplifying installation and data center operations, which differs from other virtualization solutions.

Virtual Iron's enterprise-class server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management software, is designed to enable companies to reduce the cost and complexity of managing and operating data centers. The software includes advanced capabilities that leverage industry standards, open source economics and built-in hardware-assisted acceleration. Small, medium and large organizations worldwide may use Virtual Iron for: production server consolidation; development and test optimization; cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery; dynamic capacity management; and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The software is available exclusively through Virtual Iron's Channel One partner network. Evaluation copies are also available for free download.

To learn more about the survey, please visit: www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Cpjf7jAFhNOAL7GtfQde6Q_3d_3d.

For more information about Virtual Iron, please visit: www.virtualiron.com.

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