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Web Hosting Transformation Summit Gathers the Industry

Web hosting professionals will be gathering on November 8th and 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the future of the web hosting industry, new and emerging hosting business models, and techniques and strategies for driving new customer acquisitons.

The 2005 Hosting Transformation Summit will serve as the meeting point for the web hosting industry in Las Vegas. Tier 1 Research (T1R) is producing and organizing the event, which will attract hundreds of the industry's top thinkers and decision-makers.

Highlights of the program will include:

* Latest bottoms-up Tier 1 market forecast for all hosting services segments;
* An update on utilization and supply among global Internet datacenter (IDC) providers;
* Real-life case studies of enterprise customers' experiences with outsourced hosting ;
* In-depth analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) for key hosting companies;
* Recommendations for enterprises on how to evaluate and select a web hosting partner;
* Forward-looking predictions and recommendations for the entire web hosting industry.

Derek Vaughan, a respected web hosting industry analyst with TechPad Agency posed some questions to Mr. Andy Schroepfer, President of Tier 1 Research to understand who should attend and why.

Who is the right audience to attend this event?

''The conference will be very well attended by leaders in the hosting industry as well as the technology vendors who serve this marketplace. We expect these leaders to join with us in helping drive significant attendance from the major enterprises that underpin these great hosting providers as clients to help share their experiences through the years and provide first hand opinions to their desires and demands of them in the future. Essentially any client, provider, or partner of the hosting industry will be better off by spending these two days with their competitive swords down as the event promises to inspire the industry to collaborate for the greater good and enable broader and bigger success down the road.''

What makes this event different than other hosting industry events?

''The summit includes substantial content from a range of T1R analysts such that discussions will not be geared toward a single conclusion, but become stages for intelligent discussion. By comparison, most conferences either fail to deliver a conclusion on a topic by being too high-level or simply convey a single conclusion without much, if any, discussion. T1R believes the concentration of leaders from the industry at the event coupled with this approach will make for great knowledge sharing and stimulate industry progress. Additionally, given that the event is being led by a "tell it like it is" analyst firm, participants can be sure to hear unbiased commentary from all speakers because T1R's analysts will be there to keep everyone honest.''

How were the speakers and topics chosen?

''The title of the conference embraces many underlying truths to the state of this market. Two are key. First, the market has amazingly recovered from some dark times. Second, the many leaders in this fragmented sector all know that significant change is occurring that will require a transformation in strategy and portfolio to remain leaders through this next growth period. Accordingly, the key topics of the conference center on: 1) which segments of the market show the greatest growth potential and which do not, 2) what technologies and strategies can help providers/clients get more efficient with their hosted platforms, and 3) explainations for why, how, and if all participants in the industry should be doing with SaaS, offshoring, M and A, and utility computing.''

What will industry leaders walk away with after attending the summit?

''Everyone attending this conference will walk away with an understanding of why the marketplace shows great promise for accelerating growth. Since the belief in an accelerating growth scenario is not widely held, this alone should prove very valuable to attendees. We expect participants to also leave with rationale for why their firms' (or why not) should be participating in the transformations to on-demand applications, use of offshore resources, dynamic computing resources such as utility computing. Of course, T1R will also be helping attendees better understand why the leaders are leaders through substantiated detail and SWOT analysis as well as our list of companies that T1R believes should be combining to improve their success opportunities in the future.''

Why did T1R decide to spearhead a conference on this topic?

''T1R's lead analyst Andrew Schroepfer has been covering the hosting market since its inception in 1997. We take great pride in having remained commited to our coverage of this market throughout its lean years, which enabled us to amass a strong reputation and identity with hundreds of market participants. Under the belief that the industry is only going to get stronger in the years to come, we believe the time is right, and the market is ready for an enterprise hosting event spearheaded by one that has been with it since conception, near death, and return to glory. We greatly look forward to seeing you at the show!''

Event Details

The 2005 Hosting Transformation Summit will be held on November 8th and 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally's Hotel and Casino. For details on the current show agenda and speaker summary, please visit: http://www.hsvsummit.com/agenda.php.

To sign up for the 2005 Hosting Transformation Summit, please visit: http://www.hsvsummit.com/registration.php.

This article was produced by The Hosting News.

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