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Is Budget Hosting Right For You?

The name “Budget Hosting” sounds like the right type of hosting if you are looking to save money. But how do you know if it’s right for you? Generally, Budget Hosting is considered to mean hosting plans that cost less than $20 per month. Some Budget Hosts offer hosting plans as low as $1 per month! Small businesses with a relatively low-traffic Web site and individuals with a personal Web site are usually the right type of customer for Budget Hosting. You can easily browse companies who offer Budget Hosting plans in Compare Web Hosts’ Budget Showcase at BudgetHosting.

If you are shopping for a Web hosting plan, you should try to spend as little as possible, right? Not necessarily. Price should not be your first consideration in choosing the right Web hosting plan for your needs. First, you should understand all of the key requirements you will have in order to deliver a successful Web site. Then you can shop price among Web hosts who offer apples-to-apples hosting plans that will satisfy those requirements.

An excellent checklist for you to be sure you cover all of your Web site’s key requirements can be found by looking at the Compare Web Hosts Power Search control panel PowerSearch.

The two required variables you most often hear associated with Web hosting are disk space and bandwidth. Disk space refers to the number of megabytes required to store your Web pages on the server. Bandwidth is the total amount of data transfer at any given moment to fulfill all user “hits” to your Web site. As your Web site grows, so will your disk space and bandwidth requirements so it’s good to know in advance how this will affect costs from a Budget Host. Some Budget Hosts want to sign you up to an extremely cheap hosting plan initially so they can upgrade you later to a higher plan at a premium price.

Another big variable is Technical Support. The less you know about uploading, maintaining and backing up your Web content, the more technical support you are likely to need from your hosting company. Rather than offering live phone support, Budget Hosts often cut costs by offering on-line chat or even slower email support. Some of them don’t even include tech support in their budget hosting plans and charge separately for it.

Other important hosting features, that you may or may not need, are site management tools, programming scripting tools, e-mail services, e-commerce support, database support and site performance enhancement tools. If your Web site is nothing more than HTML pages with some graphics, you probably don’t need to pay for all of these product offerings.

There is one other very important thing that you must consider in deciding if a Budget Host is right for you – reliability. Make sure your host offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also ask how long they have been in business and whether they can provide any references from current customers.

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