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Dear Brenda,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Brenda was extremely helpful in setting us up with numerous campaigns that delivered great results. She was always available to assist with customizing our campaigns and to resolve any issues. I highly recommend Brenda and comparewebhosts for cost effective advertising!

Taylor Hawes
http://www.site5.com - We Are Web Hosting.

Dear Compare Web Hosts Team:

We are very careful about where we spend advertising money, as a dollar wasted on a poor-performing ad is a dollar that could have been used to pay our software developers or systems administrators.  Our CompareWebHosts campaign has consistently outperformed the myriad hosting directories in terms of number of actual signups received.  It is one of the few web hosting directories that we work with on a consistent basis.

Additionally, Brenda and the rest of the team at CWH have been incredibly helpful and accommodating, and have worked closely with us to design a campaign that suited the needs of a rapidly-growing host like Site5.

I would give my full endorsement to CompareWebHosts, and wish them the best of luck and success in the future.

CEO and Co-Founder, Site5.com
http://www.site5.com - We Are Web Hosting.

Dear Compare Web Hosts Team:

I would like to thank you guys for an excellent Year. CompareWebHosts continues to drive quality leads to our web hosting company. Over the past year we have experienced high growth factors in which we can contribute most of it to your web site. With many fellow friends in the hosting industry I have passed your web site on to them as my top candidate for marketing budgets. Over the past 18 months Nexpoint has aligned itself with CompareWebHosts to offer our clients one of the most affordable web hosting plans. Your account executives have been very helpful in assisting us with suggestions on optimization of our campaigns. The tracking management software also gives us an excellent tool on managing our marketing campaigns. We look forward to continuing to work with your team. Sincerely,
Marketing Director
Nexpoint.NET Web Hosting

Dear Compare Web Hosts Team:

Compare Web Hosts continues to be a consistent buy within our media plan. The power search is one of the best for any Web hosting resource site, and the categories are thorough. Verio, and it's Dedicated Hosting predecessor, Digital Nation, have been advertising on Compare Web Hosts since inception. We have found the sales team to be friendly, efficient and flexible. The site is a consistent source of qualified leads for all of our hosting products, and the ROI makes advertising on this site well worth it. Thank you for all of your work with us, and I would highly recommend other companies to include you in their media plans!

Online Marketing Director,
Verio-An NTT Communications Group Company

Dear Compare Web Hosts Team:

Hostway has been advertising on both Compare Web Hosts, and Compare Web Resellers now for over 7 years, and have been more than pleased with our results! Your sales team has always been extremely helpful, insightful and dedicated to our campaign status.

We have also found tremendous value in your Traffic Management Center. It has afforded us much insight into our creative units and ad placements, allowing us to constantly monitor our performance, and change around anything as necessary, to always receive the most out of our investment.

I highly recommend advertisting on Compare. This venue has not only faciliated in our branding efforts, but also regulary converts orders for Hostway.

Marketing Associate,
Hostway Corporation

Dear Sir or Madame:

Simply put, Compare Web Hosts is one of the best Web Centric Search Engines available.  It offers clear and concise information as well as the ability to compare numerous sites in seconds.  From a new user to an expert hosting professional, the site is straightforward and easy to navigate through.

CompareWebHosts has increased ValueWeb's online sales channel by almost 20% in 2000.  In addition, the site has provided a significant amount of new traffic on a weekly basis to ValueWeb.

Furthermore, the advertising packages are flexible and competitively priced.  The statistical analysis tool accurately breaks information down for all reporting and evaluation needs.  ValueWeb has built a great relationship with CompareWebHosts and intends to keep that relationship blossoming.

I urge you to integrate CompareWebHosts as a part of your Online Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Manager,

To Whom It May Concern:

Host Depot's advertising on Compare Web Hosts has been a great success for us. Our impressions and click through ratios have warranted us increasing our monthly advertising investment with them.

Host Depot is very conscious of who they align themselves with and Compare Web Hosts' advanced search engine and professionalism is an added plus to our marketing efforts. The site is very informative and user-friendly.

We highly recommend Compare Web Hosts as a marketing tool for any company looking for results.

Marketing Director,
Host Depot

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