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Web Hosting Reviews Of SurfXpress LLC

We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other SurfXpress LLC customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from SurfXpress LLC.

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web hosting review

SurfXpress LLC

SurfXpress LLC - established in 1995. We provide a wide range of web hosting and application hosting services, as well as network consulting services to developers. As such, in addition to our listed services, we frequently setup customized plans for our developer and reseller customers to help our customer's businesses grow. We are the cheapest in New York for Rack Space, Bandwidth & Connectivity. We also provide wholesale VOIP services for voice origination and termination.

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SurfXpress LLC - Guaranteed Host!


SurfXpress LLC

Established In:


Member Since:

December 1999


SurfXpress LLC


470 Vanderbilt Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11238



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Reseller Plans:

Reseller Plans

Web Development:

Web Development Services

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Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC3

Server Hardware:

Dell PowerEdge and Sun UltraSparc

Server Software:

Apache and IIS

Sites Per Server:


Server Component List:

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Business Hours

Business Hours:

24 hours

Technical Support Hours:

24 hours

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Co-Located plans by SurfXpress LLC


web hosting review

Shared plans by SurfXpress LLC


Basic Linux($17.50)

Basic W2K($35.00)

Bulk Linux($85.00)

Bulk W2K($85.00)

web host reviews

Dedicated plans by SurfXpress LLC

Sun Sparc 20($100.00)

Red Hat 2($175.00)

Red Hat 1($175.00)

Red Hat 3($225.00)

W2K 1($250.00)

W2K 2($250.00)

W2K 3($300.00)

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