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Price   80.00%
Billing    100.00%
Control Panel    100.00%
Performance    100.00%
Support   0.00%
Security   25.00%


 Reviewed by - IP  Rated 78.33%
 Billing: Excellent - never an issue
 Control Panel: Excellent - the control panel is clear and easy to use
 Performance / Reliability: Excellent - I never notice any downtime, my site is always fast.
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web hosting reviews hosting review
web hosting review - established in 1999. 5GBhosting® opens the door to clients that need more than just traditional Web Site Hosting. We have spared no expense in providing the latest server technology and the best support personnel in our Digital facility.

host reviews hosting reviews


Established In:


Member Since:

December 2003



Hayden Rd, Suite 160

Scottsdale, AZ 85260




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web hosting reviews

Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC3

Server Hardware:

2.7 GHz Pentium 4 Processor, 1 GB RAM Red Hat Linux, Apache 1.3.19, 4-OC3 Network Connectivity

Server Software:


Sites Per Server:


Server Component List:

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Business Hours

Business Hours:

24 Hrs

Technical Support Hours:

24 Hrs

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Dedicated plans by

Win Dedi Plan -1($125.00)

Linux Dedi Plan -1($125.00)

Win Dedi Plan -1.1($150.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -1.1($150.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -2.4($160.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -2.3($200.00)

Win Dedi Plan -2.1($250.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -2.1($250.00)

Win Dedi Plan -2($300.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -2($300.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -4($300.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -3($325.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -4.1($325.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -3.1($350.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -2.2($500.00)

Lin Dedi Plan -3.2($700.00)

web hosting review

Shared plans by

Win Basic Plan-1($2.08)

Lin Basic Plan-1($2.08)

Win Basic Plan-2($4.16)

Lin Basic Plan-2($4.16)

Lin Basic Plan-3($8.33)

Win Basic Plan-3($8.33)

Win RH1($10.00)

Lin RH1($10.00)

Win Medium Plan-1($17.91)

Lin Medium Plan-1($17.91)

Win Medium Plan-2($21.25)

Lin Medium Plan-2($21.25)

Lin RH2($25.00)

Win RH2($25.00)

Win Advanced Plan-1($29.58)

Lin Advanced Plan-1($29.58)

Lin RH3($35.00)

Win RH3($35.00)

Win Advanced Plan-2($37.83)

Lin Advanced Plan-2($37.83)

SPR-PLAN 1($50.00)

Lin RH4($55.00)

Win RH4($55.00)

Win RH5($65.00)

Lin RH5($65.00)

Lin RH6($95.00)

Win RH6($95.00)

SPR-PLAN 2($100.00)

SPR-PLAN 4($300.00)

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