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We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other Personalized Hosting customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from Personalized Hosting.

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web hosting review

Personalized Hosting

Personalized Hosting - As with any good hosting company, we thrive on the fact that our backbone network that consists of connections via SPRINT and AT&T OC3 and OC12. Our connections are one of the industries fastest, and the most stable. Our LINUX servers consist of several 72.3 GB SCSI hard drives which are powered by powerful Intel Pentium IV Xeon Processors.

That is why we guarantee an uptime of 99.9% with a full 30-day money back guarantee! If we don't provide to you the level of service that we are capable of, then we surely don't deserve your business. That is why we strive to meet each and every one of our customer's needs.

We offer solutions and accommodations to web sites of all sizes and natures. We provide unlimited FTP access, cgi scripts, shopping carts, e-mail accounts and, of course, our online Virtual Control Panel where you have complete and total control of your web site. Even for those who are less than experts on the Internet, our control panel uses an incredibly user-friendly graphical interface.

We also offer only world class bandwidth. While some hosting companies use dirt cheap junk bandwidth from providers that use public peering points, we only use the highest quality providers with private peering. Public peering points are notorious for bringing incredible slow downs, packet loss and even breaks in connectivity. However, private peering offers only top quality bandwidth, no slow downs, the least number of hops and backbones to get to where you are, and plenty of available overhead.

And with our many hosting packages and 'You Decide' package, you are able to completely personalize your hosting experience.

host reviews hosting reviews

Personalized Hosting


Personalized Hosting

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August 2003


Personalized Hosting


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Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:


Server Hardware:

Intel IV Pentium Xeon Processors

Server Software:

Red Hat Linux 7.3

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Zero Dollar Hosting($0.00)

Basic Plan($1.00)

Bonus Plan($2.09)

Starter Plan($3.95)

Personal Plan($4.95)

Small Business Plan($6.95)

Bronze Plan($9.95)

Silver Plan($11.95)

Gold Plan($13.95)

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