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web hosting review - Draiocht LLC, owner of was founded by Cian de Buitléir. Cian had his own very successful websites based out of Ireland since the early 1990's, and learnt a few things along the way - generally the hard way. The first lesson was that high-quality but affordable hosting wasn't available in Ireland, and it still isn't - it's very much an either-or, quality or price. Cian was also weary of constantly being let down by low quality hosting companies (and tried of moving his sites!), service failures and cheap equipment - all from hosting companies that try to put 5000+ domains on one cheap IDE based server.Since those early days Cian moved from Dublin, Ireland to the Silicon Valley region of California, got access to better network connectivity & pricing, and inevitably started doing his own hosting. In late 2003 he decided to share his expertise and set up Draiocht LLC and it's hosting brand '' to provide superior hosting at reasonable prices.Our services, based on state of the art equipment (Celerons with IDE need not apply!) are now available at prices that beat virtually all 'bargain' hosting companies. Let us take care of your hosting needs, so that you can get on with Business!

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Member Since:

May 2004



460 Natoma St., Unit 5

San Francisco, CA 94103



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Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC12

Server Hardware:

Dual Xeons with SCSI drives

Server Software:

FreeBSD & RHEL 3

Sites Per Server:


Server Component List:

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