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We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other HostATree customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from HostATree.

 Combined rating 100.00% - based on 1 reviews

Happy overall?   100.00%
Still Customer?   100.00%
Recommend to friend?   100.00%
Price   100.00%
Billing    100.00%
Control Panel    100.00%
Performance    100.00%
Support   100.00%
Security   100.00%


 Reviewed by - IP  Rated 100.00%
 Plan Type: Shared
 Price: Excellent - great value for the money
 Billing: Excellent - never an issue
 Control Panel: Excellent - the control panel is clear and easy to use
 Performance / Reliability: Excellent - I never notice any downtime, my site is always fast.
 Support: Excellent - knowledgeable and friendly staff, always fixing problems easily
 Security: Excellent - never had any issues
 Are you still a customer? Yes
 Are you happy overall? Yes
 Would you recommend HostATree? Yes
 Hosted During: May 2011 - January 2012

web hosting reviews hosting review
web hosting review


HostATree - We like to think of every business and individual as a tree, seeking to soar high while starting out as a sapling reaching for the sunlight and growing in stature over time. This desire for success and growth is natural and entirely possible in the right conditions. HostATree believes that every client can become like a strong and healthy tree with the right support. As a Green Certified Company, HostATree provides businesses and consumers with affordable and reliable shared web-hosting to begin the growth process and dedicated services as growth continues. Just as a tree needs water and sunlight your business needs service, support and technology. With HostATree's perfect combination of service, technology and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, your company will tower above the others. Start growing today!

host reviews hosting reviews

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March 2009




531 Emerys Bridge Rd

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web hosting reviews

Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC12

Server Hardware:

Quad Core, 4 GB Ram Servers, Raid 1 Setup

Server Software:

CentOS, PHP, MySQL, PERL, Fantastico, RVSiteBuilder

Sites Per Server:


Server Component List:

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