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We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other Bonphire customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from Bonphire.

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web hosting review


Bonphire - established in 2003. As a full server web hosting provider offers a one-stop- shop for our client’s online presence and web based business operations. Bonphire services are straight forward and understandable with intuitive, user friendly, web based interfaces. Each service is supplemented with ample instructional resources including live phone support 24 hours, 7 days a week should immediate guidance from an expert be necessary. 24 hours, 7 days a week, our clients have an expert to talk to. All of our equipment, from our routers to servers is best-of-breed and all data is backed up daily. We remain committed to our client’s complete satisfaction and devoted to keeping our operation onshore. We are priced up to 70% less than our competition for equal if not better services. Bonphire never makes our client’s personal information available to any third parties, unless required by law. All of our servers are protected 24 hours a day by guards and CCTV. Your data is safe with us.

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October 2009




268 Bush Street #42

San Francisco, CA 94104



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Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple OC12

Server Hardware:

Server Software:

Sites Per Server:

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Dedicated plans by Bonphire

Econ Vrtl Linux($41.24)

Econ Vrtl Windows($57.61)

Deluxe Vrtl Linux($64.85)

Deluxe Vrtl Windows($90.35)

Economy Dedicated($131.95)

Premium Vrtl Linux($149.92)

Premium Vrtl Windows($149.92)

Deluxe Dedicated($200.28)

Premium Dedicated($466.34)

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Shared plans by Bonphire

Economy Linux($4.95)

Economy Windows($4.95)

Deluxe Linux($9.95)

Deluxe Windows($9.95)

Unlimited Linux($14.99)

Unlimited Windows($14.99)

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