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Web Hosting Reviews Of Advantagecom Networks, Inc.

We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other Advantagecom Networks, Inc. customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from Advantagecom Networks, Inc..

 Combined rating 44.44% - based on 1 reviews

Happy overall?   50.00%
Still Customer?   50.00%
Recommend to friend?   50.00%
Price   50.00%
Billing    50.00%
Control Panel    50.00%
Performance    50.00%
Support   50.00%
Security   0.00%


 Reviewed by - IP  Rated 44.44%
 Plan Type: Dedicated
 Price: Price should be less expensive
 Billing: Not Good - lots of problems, the host needs to improve in this area
 Control Panel: Could be better - the host needs to improve in this area.
 Performance / Reliability: Not Good - constant problems with site speed and uptime, needs improvement
 Support: Could be better - the host needs to improve in this area
 Are you still a customer? No
 Are you happy overall? No
 Would you recommend Advantagecom Networks, Inc.? No
 Hosted During: December 2011 - December 2014

web hosting reviews hosting review
web hosting review

Advantagecom Networks, Inc.

Advantagecom Networks, Inc. - established in 1995.  It is our mission to provide small businesses the same opportunities afforded large corporations in the global market. By providing our clients with world class web hosting solutions, the tools for successful e-commerce, and expedient support to help them utilize those tools, we give them access to geographical markets that they would not have been able to reach otherwise.We recognize that our most expedient path to financial success is by helping everyone we deal with to prosper. To that end, we aim to provide these services with competitive pricing that allows us to lower the cost of global business for our customers, fairly compensate employees, ensure our investors' interests are secure, and fund continuing growth.Free airfare with every new account purchase! Receive free round trip airfare to over 300 locations with every new account purchase! For more information, contact our Sales Department ( or 1-888-509-0025 or 509-529-6983). Hurry, because this offer may be discontinued at any time.

host reviews hosting reviews

Advantagecom Networks, Inc.


Advantagecom Networks, Inc.

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Advantagecom Networks, Inc.


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