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We appreciate your time and effort to find out experiences other A+ Hosting customers have had hosting their website. We hope this information helps you to make a decision and hopefully purchase a web hosting plan from A+ Hosting.

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Price   100.00%
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Support   100.00%
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 Reviewed by - IP  Rated 100.00%
 Price: Excellent - great value for the money
 Billing: Excellent - never an issue
 Control Panel: Excellent - the control panel is clear and easy to use
 Performance / Reliability: Excellent - I never notice any downtime, my site is always fast.
 Support: Excellent - knowledgeable and friendly staff, always fixing problems easily
 Security: Excellent - never had any issues
 Are you still a customer? Yes
 Are you happy overall? Yes
 Would you recommend A+ Hosting? Yes

web hosting reviews hosting review
web hosting review

A+ Hosting

A+ Hosting - Domains for 99 cents, RAID5 storage, backups done THREE times a day, and more makes A+ Hosting the best choice to host your website!

host reviews hosting reviews

A+ Hosting


A+ Hosting

Member Since:

March 2000


A+ Hosting


PO Box 531417

Henderson, NV 89053



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web hosting reviews

Network and Infrastructure

Connection Speed:

Multiple T3

Server Hardware:

Dual Pentium IIIs (450Mhs-800Mhz), RAID5 storage, 1-2GB of RAM, redundant power supplies. Servers are never overloaded. Each has plenty of CPU power to spare.

Server Software:

Linux OS, hacked and modified for extremely high performance

Sites Per Server:

If server reaches 20-40% average resources usage during peak time, no more sites are hosted on it.

Server Component List:

web hosting review

Business Hours

Business Hours:

8AM - Midnight

Technical Support Hours:

8AM - Midnight

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Co-Located plans by A+ Hosting

1U colocation($50.00)

Mini-mid tower($170.00)

Full tower($280.00)

web hosting review

Shared plans by A+ Hosting

A+ Basic($9.95)

A+ Basic II($14.95)

A+ Complete($19.95)

A+ Complete 2($24.95)

A+ Deluxe($34.95)

A+ Miva Merchant I($49.95)

A+ Miva Merchant II($79.95)

A+ Deluxe 2($79.95)

A+ High Traffic I($149.95)

A+ High Traffic 2($259.95)

A+ High Traffic 3($349.95)

A+ High Traffic 4($439.95)

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