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iDev Consultants, Inc. Spins Off Another Brand

Doug Cain, President/CEO of iDev Consultants, Inc., announced today that 1 Guy in a Chair is their latest brand to be released.

'We feature a new brand of services every other year in order to showcase what we're all about' Doug Cain explained. 'iDev Consultants focuses more on the web consulting end of the business but we want to advertise that we will build anything for anyone'

iDev Consultants, Inc. has a unique business model that utilizes free-lance developers who are the same developers who work for these larger companies. They are selected by project and managed by Doug Cain personally.

'I am ultimately accountable to these companies who are looking for solutions. They just want someone to answer the phone and respond to their e-mail. They want quality work at affordable prices and they don't want to mess with building anything themselves. These people have businesses to run and just want a 'Go To' guy that takes care of them' Doug went on to say.

1 Guy in a Chair is a bit of an 'in your face' to these larger companies who tend to over extend their capabilities. Doug answers every phone call and deals with every client personally.

'I guess that's just how we do business where I'm from. Everyone likes to go where everyone knows your name' Doug said with a smile, 'Nobody wants to be a number, they have names, families, and a life. They're humans!'.

Doug has been at this for 14 years and knows his stuff. He knows the business and is aware of his limitations, that's why he uses free-lance artists, programmers, and quality dedicated servers.

Doug continued, 'Everyone thinks that a guy in a chair has his server in his garage. Actually I don't even have a garage. I'm serious about where my servers are and who's in charge of that aspect of the business. I simply remote control into a server and take care of business. The actual machine and how it's hooked to the network is somebody else's job.'.

iDev Consultants, Inc. finished running The Site Hostess earlier this year. They plan on adding more educational content to One Guy site over the next few months to explain how hosting works and what actually makes one better than another.

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