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Host Depot Shows Their Holiday Spirit With A Timely Gift For Their Dedicated Customers

Host Depot Shows Their Holiday Spirit With A Timely Gift For Their Dedicated Customers
Coral Springs, FL - December 7, 2006 - Host Depot is announcing their dedicated server solutions gift this holiday season at a 58%-68% discount for their existing customers. At Host Depot, customer service is a top priority and keeping their customers happy has always been part of their business. With so many companies offering incentives and discounts only to new customers, Host Depot feels that current customers are being unfairly left behind, something they will not do with their customers. Host Depot also runs special offers for new customers that are available at

While incentives and promotions for new business have served many businesses well, too often current customers are seemingly forgotten. This holiday gift serves to allow Host Depot’s loyal customers the opportunity of taking advantage of Dell’s new dedicated server, giving them the latest in dedicated solutions technology. This gift can help prepare an e-commerce business for the $32 billion being spent this holiday season, or give any business with an online presence the security and capability of having a dedicated server.

“We hope our most recent gift and our service model in general come as a breath of fresh air to our customers,” said Mark Erskine, President and CEO of Host Depot. “Too many businesses only offer great incentives for new customers, and seem to forget about those they are currently servicing who are already paying them, it just seems counterintuitive and something we like to steer away from,” added Erskine.

Host Depot provides all their customers with powerful marketing tools ranging from Google Checkout, which allows customers too easily and securely purchase products on their website to optional Search Engine Optimization packages to turn searchers into customers. Additional hosting benefits from Host Depot include their Bandwidth Bank program that allows customers to rollover their unused bandwidth, which comes in handy, especially during the holiday season where most e-commerce sites use up the majority of their bandwidth.

Host Depot has recently been awarded the #1 shared hosting provider according to the, an online site specializing in the online hosting industry. This is one of several awards earned by Host Depot this year as a result of their constant upgrades, updates, and innovative programs aimed at allowing customers to stay ahead of market trends.

“Host Depot’s focus on customer service and rewarding current customers with outstanding programs have gained Host Depot a reputation of trust and service in the industry for both shared and dedicated customers,” added Erskine.

About Host Depot, Inc.
Host Depot, Inc. was founded in September of 1997 as a technology company with a focus on hosting and the development of integrated e-commerce solutions tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. Since their inception, they have grown to provide a breadth of new services including Internet access products, web site development, promotional services, and high-end e-commerce hosting solutions. Their goal, to this day, is to provide a convenient, high-performance, and reliable web hosting experience. They have assembled a solid foundation of state-of-the-art servers, high-performance networks, and experienced professionals to ensure that Host Depot, Inc. remains the web host of choice. Further information about Host Depot may be obtained visiting the company's web site at

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