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Host Depot Enters its 10th Year with Focus on Customer Satisfaction, a New Logo and Brand

New Search Engine Optimization Plans to maximize a business’ online presence

Coral Springs, Fl. September 21, 2006 Host Depot, a web hosting service provider, has been a leader in online hosting solutions for 10 years, and has taken the experience gained over this time to change their offerings and brand to better meet the needs of their current and future customers. Through careful analysis of what businesses need to grow and thrive in today’s crowded online market, Host Depot has created a new brand position and tag line; “That’s Why We’re Here,” supported by improved solutions, such as Search Engine Optimization, Bandwidth Bank, and Google Checkout.

“We have taken the knowledge we gained over the past decade and re-created our company to better serve the market,” said Mark Erskine, President and CEO of Host Depot. “We created a new brand value proposition and logo helping us spread the word internally and externally that we plan to remain a leader in the industry by offering turnkey online checkout, search engine optimization, a bandwidth rollover program and more,” added Erskine.

To kick-off the new brand and celebrate 10 years of web hosting, Host Depot is announcing new SEO promotional plans and pricing. Any new or existing customer that purchases any SEO plan will be given free hosting for 6 months and free domain name with packages starting at $249.00. (

Host Depot’s new SEO plans maximize a given site’s presence on search engines, thus significantly increasing that site’s web traffic. And only after the site has been optimized by Host Depot and increased the sites traffic is it easier searchers into customers.

“Our search engine optimization plans have greatly improved business for many customers who wish to expand their presence online,” said Erskine. “One of our customers, Starr Company, was not having much success driving potential customers to their website, and as a result was losing business to competitors. After our SEO professionals re-vamped their site it significantly improved their business,” added Erskine.

Ronn Starr, owner of Starr Company had this to say about it; “What a difference the search engine optimization and site work Host Depot performed for me and my business. This has really helped improve our search engine ranking and has opened us up to new customers and opportunities.” (Starr Company)

To support the new brand value proposition of “That’s Why We’re Here” Host Depot has also created Bandwidth Bank, which allows all shared web hosting customers to rollover their unused bandwidth from month to month. This saves many of their customers significant money that would have been spent on overage charges. With this system in place data transfer does not have to be a “use it or lose it” proposition. This unique program is being used by thousands of Host Depot’s customers today as this assures the customer that what he/she purchased will not be taken away.

Host Depot’s strategic alliance with Mercantec e-Commerce Express, announced earlier in the year, provides e-commerce companies with several new options. One of which is Google Checkout, which allows the purchase of any item on a site by simply clicking the “BUY” icon. “We are making it easy for any site to get started with e-commerce using Google Checkout. We’re putting more in the box, adding value, and helping our customers to succeed in a crowded market,” said Jeff Pettit, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Host Depot.

“Combining it all together, the SEO and hosting plans, the Bandwidth Bank, Mercantec e-Commerce Express and the Google Checkout, ensures that we’ll continue to live up to our name and value proposition,” added Pettit. “Host Depot, That’s Why We’re Here.”

About Host Depot

Host Depot, Inc. ( was founded in September of 1997 as a technology company with a focus on hosting and the development of integrated e-commerce solutions tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. Since their inception, they have grown to provide a breadth of new services including Internet access products, web site development, promotional services, and high-end e-commerce hosting solutions. Their goal, to this day, is to provide a convenient, high-performance, and reliable web hosting experience. They have assembled a solid foundation of state-of-the-art servers, high-performance networks, and experienced professionals to ensure that Host Depot, Inc. remains the vendor of choice.

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