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Host Depot Announces Rollover BandwidthTM Program To Save Unused Bandwidth In A Special Bandwidth BankTM Account Because Bandwidth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Coral Springs, FL and Las Vegas, NV -- July 17, 2006 --- Today at Host Con 2006, Host Depot announced the creation of their Rollover BandwidthTM program and Bandwidth BankTM designed to help companies manage their web site bandwidth usage as an asset by rolling over unused capacity to the next month. Host Depot estimates that a typical SMB on a shared hosting plan can save over $700 per year, according to a company survey of bandwidth usage rates, fees and expenses. Host Depot, Inc. ( is a Web services solution provider offering the latest Internet and web related solutions geared toward the SMB market to help the SMB client save time and money

The Rollover Bandwidth program will accrue unused bandwidth in a special Bandwidth Bank account that companies will be able to automatically utilize in the months that they experience heavy traffic or bandwidth usage. The Host Depot Bandwidth Bank, the first of its kind in the hosting industry, helps companies manage their bandwidth as they would manage cash flow, any other asset, or even unused cell phone minutes. The Bandwidth Bank account will operate under a rolling 12 month cycle. In addition, all existing loyal customers will have two months of bandwidth deposited into their Bandwidth Bank™ account, thereby tripling their first month’s bandwidth as a thank you from Host Depot. This will also be offered to all new customers for a limited time.

“The Rollover Bandwidth program is designed to help small businesses better manage their operations by banking unused bandwidth for future use, much the way any business owner would manage cash or control expenses,” said Mark Erskine, President & CEO of Host Depot. “We see many companies that underestimate their true annual bandwidth needs by choosing a low-cost plan with limited capacity, only to be hit up for overage fees when they go beyond their bandwidth capacity limits. We believe that our program will quickly deliver positive, demonstrable and bottom-line effects for many SMB web sites especially the e-commerce site on a shared hosting plan.”

The Host Depot Rollover Bandwidth program and Bandwidth Bank will directly benefit the nearly 1 out of 2 e-commerce companies that go over their monthly allocated bandwidth limits, according to the Host Depot survey of more than 3,000 SMB e-commerce sites around the country.

According to the survey, bandwidth is a wasted asset with 47% of companies incurring overage charges because they used more bandwidth than they contracted for with their hosting company. The average bandwidth overage rate was nearly 20% more than contracted for, with average overcharges of $713.29 per year, with one company in the survey ranking up over $5,500 in overage fees.

“On a monthly basis, this means that SMBs are wasting the equivalent of as little as their monthly lunch money to as much as a car payment on their overage charges for their bandwidth,” added Erskine. “With the Host Depot Rollover Bandwidth program and Bandwidth Bank, these companies would be able to save their unused bandwidth for the proverbial rainy day when they will really need the extra bandwidth, whether that is the holiday shopping season or downloading heavy duty files and images.”

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Host Depot, Inc. ( was founded in September of 1997 as a technology company with a focus on hosting and the development of integrated e-commerce solutions tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. Since their inception, they have grown to provide a breadth of new services including Internet access products, web site development, promotional services, and high-end e-commerce hosting solutions. Their goal, to this day, is to provide a convenient, high-performance, and reliable web hosting experience. They have assembled a solid foundation of state-of-the-art servers, high-performance networks, and experienced professionals to ensure that Host Depot, Inc. remains the vendor of choice.

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