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DellHost’s General Manager, Mike Arterbury On Stabilizing your Website in an unstable economy.

CWH: "What is DellHost’s perspective on the economy’s effect on the Web Hosting Industry?"
Mike: "Well, you really have to go back a couple of years to fully understand how we got where we are now. As we are all very much aware, the economy has been through some pretty sharp turns. The Web hosting business as a whole has directly seen the implications. Between 1999 and 2000, the web hosting market tripled, reflecting very clearly dotcom and telecom market plays. Dotcom's envisioned the Internet as the future of business and touted a world where brick and mortar would soon play a secondary role. Massive investment in e-businesses also prompted traditional brick and mortar companies to adopt online components in their business models."

CWH: "Where does that leave us today"
Mike: "In the aftermath of the tech meltdown, business fundamentals are clearly back in vogue. Many unsound models have been washed away by the markets but they were, in my mind, a high-profile minority. For most businesses, an online component has become an integral part of their operations, often times driving efficiencies relied on in order to survive. For the small and medium business, outsourcing web hosting is both a cost effective and secure model. High-speed connectivity, environmental security and experienced support staff are all covered, freeing up the customer’s valuable resources. Cost savings are significant as customers benefit from economies of scale. The security and stability a web host provides - with round the clock monitoring and data back-up plans - is also essential for the business that relies on its website. Outsourced Web hosting gives customers the ability to focus on their business without the worries of fighting downtime and managing additional infrastructure and staff."

CWH: "How do you help hosting customers prepare for the unexpected?"
Mike: "Uncertainty has unfortunately become a much larger issue for businesses of all sizes. Disaster recovery and business continuity services are becoming much more important for customers whether they in-source their primary platforms or outsource them. Replicating their environments with DellHost has been a cost effective way to hedge against the unforeseen. DellHost has expertise in this area. Further, the security and managed services practices we've built around custom hosting "trickle down" to our packaged and unmanaged hosting services in the form of platform security and availability."

CWH: "How does DellHost differentiate itself from other hosting providers?"
Mike: "DellHost can bring stability to its customers in a very tumultuous industry. The technological strength of Dell and Sprint sets us apart from both the pure play hosting vendors and the telcos. We can bring maniacal focus to hosting solutions for small and medium business and tailored custom solutions to meet any business needs. Integration of Dell's world-class enterprise hardware and Sprint's Tier I fiber-optic network is a dynamite combination.

DellHost is the only hosting provider to combine the expertise of Dell and Sprint with both hardware and Internet backbone – that can deliver managed hosting solutions for small and medium business, all housed in telco-grade Sprint data centers.

DellHost exclusively uses award-winning Dell PowerEdge™ servers, which are engineered for high performance, maximum availability and scalability. Combined with direct presence on the Sprint exceptionally fast and reliable internet backbone, DellHost can offer a comprehensive range of affordable custom hosting solutions - from simple shared solutions to highly complex dedicated and e-commerce offerings.

To learn more, visit us today at"

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