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Nexpoint Technologies’ Tom Honec on Linux® hosting

CWH: "Can you give us an introduction to Nexpoint Technologies and your approach to hosting?"
Tom: "Nexpoint is leading the way in providing fully scalable solutions to businesses. From shared and virtual hosting to a fully dedicated solution Nexpoint is behind your business from the start. Our trained team of web developers specialize in ASP, PHP, PERL, Cold Fusion®, HTML, DHTML, and XML to put your Web identity on the road to success. We originally began in January, 1996 as a small web design agency. We experienced firsthand the ups and downs to shared hosting. Reviewing the problems in the industry, we knew there was a way Nexpoint could help. So with a dedicated staff and an understanding of what was right, we set out to make a difference. Reflecting on how hosting is often handled these days, Nexpoint has always been about keeping the small town touch. Our company is driven by the belief that strong customer advocacy will be the key to succeeding on the Internet today. Each customer should feel good when they have a need or a problem – knowing it will be handled by an expertly trained Nexpoint representative in quick and efficient manner."

CWH: "What are some hosting features that makes Nexpoint Technologies attractive to your customers? "
Tom: "On all of our shared hosting plans we include dozens of top-notch features. Most importantly we do not limit customers in e-mail accounts, aliases, and hits to their site. We do everything possible to make your web site succeed. "

CWH: "What are the challenges in hosting sites using Red Hat Linux® servers? "
Tom: "Linux® is an open source language which provides most developers with an avenue to develop their sites. This can be good and bad, from a standardization level since there are some aspects of the server configuration which we cannot change in a shared hosting environment. In a dedicated environment, the server is completely available to the server administration for customization."

CWH: "What does Nexpoint’s partnership with Ensim Corp. offer to your clients?"
Tom: "With our new partnership with Ensim we are able to provide exclusive unlimited domain licenses for their most popular Webppliance software. This will be a great touch in addition to our new line of dedicated servers starting at $99/month."

CWH: "How does Nexpoint monitor and adjust hosting bandwidth for each customer?"
Tom: "Nexpoint uses two forms of monitoring. First, we have 24/7 port monitoring for each of our servers. Secondly, we also use various monitoring programs to maintain services on the server. If a service stops, a technician is paged within 2 minutes and alerted to the problem."

CWH: "Overall, what is the single biggest challenge you face in managing Nexpoint?"
Tom: "Rapid growth has always been a challenge for small businesses and we are no different. What has allowed us to succeed is simply sticking to our core foundation and the building blocks of Nexpoint. We pride ourselves on the fact we can keep every client on a first name basis. To learn more, visit us today at"

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