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Hostway's John Lee on Managed Hosting

CWH: "What’s new at Hostway?"
John: "Our customers' responses to our focus on hosting solutions for small to medium size businesses have been tremendous, propelling Hostway to become one of the largest, fastest growing (in terms of both revenue and profit) hosting providers for small to medium size businesses.

We have been working diligently to expand our managed hosting concept to dedicated servers. The culmination of this company-wide effort is our Advantage line, our all new managed dedicated server platform for Linux and Windows2000 operating systems."

CWH: "What trends in the market are Hostway focused on?"
John: "The market has seen a shift from co-location to unmanaged dedicated servers. We are seeing this trend leading to higher demand for managed dedicated servers. Conceptually and in practice, the leap from co-location to unmanaged dedicated servers is not that great. Despite what has been promoted thus far, you can't call yourself a managed hosting provider if all you provide is unmanaged dedicated servers."

CWH: "Where does this leave small businesses who need managed dedicated servers?"
John: "Based on our dialog with our customers, the biggest stumbling block preventing many small businesses from taking advantage of dedicated servers is the ongoing cost of having to maintain servers on a day-to-day basis. Lack of know-how, time, and experience poses problems not just in terms of budget but security of your online presence.>

Until now, no other company has figured out a cost-effective way of providing such service to their customers. Hostway has built a platform that will satisfy the vast majority of customers needing a dedicated server at a price that makes sense even for small businesses. Our Advantage line of customizable managed dedicated servers start at just $197/month."

CWH: ": Are unmanaged dedicated servers obsolete then?"
John: "We’re not saying that there isn’t a need for unmanaged dedicated servers. If you need 100% control and require a root access; and have the necessary experience to manage your own system, an unmanaged dedicated server still remains the best choice. (Since 1996, Hostway has offered one of the best unmanaged dedicated server programs in the nation. Plus, we are the price leader for both Windows2000 and Linux configurations.) But if your needs are like 80% of all potential customers in the market for dedicated servers, Hostway’s managed dedicated server platform is robust enough for all situations.

You may be surprised to find that even some of the largest companies have found our managed dedicated servers to ideally suit their needs. Now, with Hostway Advantage line, literally anyone can take advantage of the power, flexibility and security of dedicated servers.

For a limited time, we are having specials on our managed dedicated servers. Also, you can earn up to $300 for reselling our managed dedicated servers. Anyone who would like more info should please contact us via email to

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