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C I Hostís Christopher Faulkner on E-commerce

CWH: "For those who arenít familiar, who is C I Host?"
Chris: "C I Host (, is a Web hosting and Internet solutions provider, domain name registrar (DNR) and application service provider (ASP) serving more than 149,000 individual consumers and businesses in 176 countries worldwide. "

CWH: "Can you give us an introduction to C I Hostís set up? "
Chris: "C I Host has data centers and offices in Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore, and we're opening a complete data center in London, UK in April. C I Host provides a full range of web hosting services, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Because of its high bandwidth capacity and redundant network structure, it is one of the most robust and secure web hosting systems in the world. "

CWH: "What does C I Host have to offer companies who are ready to take the plunge into e-commerce? "
Chris: "C I Host is the fastest-growing leader in e-business solutions and the Web hosting industry. A company that is thinking of developing an online presence can save itself time and money by outsourcing its web-hosting and IT functions to C I Host. According to Forrester Research, the average company would save more than $118,000 a year by hiring C I Host to do the work. Outsourcing also allows a company to have the most up-to-date and sophisticated IT tools at its disposal. In addition, with web security a growing concern, a company can rest easy knowing that C I Host knows and uses all the latest and most effective security protocols. To take a look at just one of our products, ďe-Business in a Box,Ē a company just starting out can have a fully functional e-commerce business with all the latest Internet tools backed up by our 24/7 quality-controlled customer service."

CWH: "What kind of assurance does a company have that this product is worth the investment?"
Chris: "With our "E-business in a Box," small and medium business can stop checking for monsters under the bed of e-commerce and relax in the knowledge that C I Host, consistently ranked one of the top five Web Hosting companies in the world, is taking care of their Internet presence. And at $299 for an entire year, any business can afford it."

CWH: "How long does it take to get up and running?"
Chris: "E-business in a Box" creates a fully functional e-business within seven days so that companies can start making money immediately. It comes with state-of-the-art tools for web maintenance and search engines, free web hosting for a year and a free merchant account so that firms can accept credit cards from day one."

CWH: "How does C I Host compare with other hosting companies?"
Chris: "C I Host is consistently ranked among the Top 5 Web hosting companies out of 16,000 around the globe by CNET's Ultimate Web Host List,, and Web Host Directory. C I Host offers turnkey services ranging from initial domain name registration to custom dedicated servers for e-commerce on today's Web. The company offers innovative packages and services to the Internet community. To learn more, visit us today at"

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