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Host My Site’s Lou Honick on Cold Fusion

CWH: "Tell us a little about the history of as a company and where you are headed."
Lou: " has been providing quality shared and dedicated hosting services for four years. From the very beginning, we have differentiated ourselves from our competitors by maintaining a very strong customer focus. Over the past year our company has experienced tremendous growth while still maintaining our original vision of customer service. We plan to expand our services aggressively over the next year without making any compromises on our commitment to our customers. "

CWH: "With respect to your Cold Fusion platform, could you detail how you are supporting this programming platform? "
Lou: "ColdFusion is a core service offering for We are absolutely committed to supporting ColdFusion and related technologies such as SQL Server 7.0 & 2000 and Microsoft Access. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the ColdFusion platform and we can provide expert assistance to help our customers keep their sites running smoothly. "

CWH: "Is this market an important service area for and what are your plans to service this market in the future? "
Lou: "We have a very strong commitment to ColdFusion and our customer base of ColdFusion developers. We are always looking for ways to reach the people who can benefit from our services the most. It is important to us that we let the CF community know that it is possible to get affordable hosting without sacrificing service. "

CWH: "Could you detail the technical support offerings that has and the server environments in which they run? "
Lou: "Our customers can rely on the best web hosting support staff in the industry. I know that is a bold statement, but I am confident that our support team is the most dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable staff anywhere. I am extremely proud of their dedication to our customers which they demonstrate on a daily basis.

We provide 24 hour phone and email support for all of our customers. We strive to resolve all issues quickly and courteously. We have a Cisco-powered network with Dell Poweredge servers. Our minimum configuration includes dual 1 GHZ processor servers with 1 gig of ram and 72 GBs of RAID disk space. Our servers are lightly loaded so that there is plenty of power available for our customers to grow and prosper. "

CWH: "Many CWH users are web design specialists/developers who have a client portfolio for which they coordinate hosting. Could you detail the specifics of how the Reseller Program helps these individuals and how they can profit by choosing your company as a web host? "
Lou: "Resellers are an important part of our business here at We have a very competitive program available with great discounts and very light requirements. Our goal is to help our resellers establish successful hosting businesses without having to worry about owning the infrastructure. Many of our reseller partners are successful web design firms and technology companies that want to offer hosting services as a compliment to their core businesses. is the world-wide leader in customer-focused hosting solutions. We are absolutely committed to providing the best and most complete customer service available. We offer ColdFusion, ASP, SQL Server, Miva Merchant e-commerce software, and much more. Whether customers are looking for the most advanced features, or just a friendly hosting experience, total satisfaction is our promise.
Hosts My Site can be found on the web at or by email at"

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