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    WebNet Hosting Provides Their Clients With a Bulletproof Network and Affordable E-Commerce Web Hosting Solutions

An interview with PJ Taei, CEO of WebNet Hosting LLC, a premier provider of managed Miva Merchant and e-commerce hosting solutions

CWH: "Can you tell us about WebNet Hosting’s history and a little about your day-to-day duties as CEO?"
PJ: "Sure. WebNet Hosting was first started in 2002 as a reseller web host. We specialized in supplying resellers with all the tools they needed in order to setup their own private branded program and provide their customers with reliable web hosting solutions. Shortly thereafter, we became a Premier Partner with Miva Merchant. Since then, our primary focus has been to provide dependable web hosting and complete support for clients conducting e-commerce. As CEO, my principal responsibilities consist of working with our clients to address their everyday needs, marketing the company and research and development."

CWH: "What services does WebNet Hosting provide? What kinds of businesses typically utilize your services?"
PJ: "We now specialize in providing managed, business class web hosting services for businesses of all types and sizes. We also excel in providing our clients with a one-stop shop for conducting e-commerce. Our average hosting clients are small and medium sized businesses ranging anywhere from 1-50 employees."

CWH: "What are the advantages of using Miva Merchant as a shopping cart? Are there features that Miva has that make it stand out when compared to other shopping carts?"
PJ: "Miva Merchant has become one of the leading shopping carts available today. There are over 30,000 live Miva web stores online. We have been providing reliable Miva Merchant hosting solutions since 2003. Miva Merchant stands out due to its user-friendly out of the box setup, flexibility in customization and availability of third party modules. Miva Merchant has a reputation as being the most customizable shopping cart on the market. Perhaps most importantly, Miva Merchant is now one of the few PCI Compliant shopping carts on the Internet. Miva’s compliance with the PCI and the new PA-DSS will make it the leader in e-commerce shopping cart solutions."

CWH: "What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the e-commerce hosting industry?"
PJ: "Due to the strict new PCI Compliance laws, sticking with a shopping cart that is becoming PA-DSS compliant is one of the most important items on our list right now. Luckily, we have Miva Merchant on our side. As Miva Merchant becomes compliant with the PCI, it will allow us to become a fully PCI compliant web host."

CWH: "How has the current state of the economy been affecting you as a host? What are you doing to stay ahead?"
PJ: "Thankfully, things are going well since we are one of only a handful of hosting providers that are also Premier Partners with Miva Merchant. We are working hard each day to train our technical support staff so they can provide superior support for our clients and products."

CWH: "What lies ahead in the future of WebNet Hosting and the web hosting world in general?"
PJ: "In the upcoming year we will be working hard to implement a new set of servers on our network. This will offer our customers the ability to obtain even faster e-commerce storefronts. We are also planning on extending a range of new services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Miva Merchant design, site customization and much more."

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