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    Ensim’s Mike Wu, Product Manager, On The Highly Anticipated Release Of Ensim Power Tools

CWH: "Most pros know Ensim as a leader in hosting automation software thanks to the popularity of WEBppliance Pro for Linux. What makes your new Ensim Power Tools special?"
Mike: "Ensim Power Tools is an add-on to Ensim WEBppliance Pro that helps hosting service providers, or HSP’s, design more attractive hosting plans, reduce support costs, maintain security over all users' sites, and have complete control over their service offerings."

CWH: "How does Ensim Power Tools help hosting service providers make more money?"
Mike: "Ensim Power Tools is the industry's first secure, automated solution for deploying today's most popular interactive Web applications. Power Tools enables HSP’s to create and offer tiered hosting plans that will increase their revenue potential while controlling support costs."

CWH: "Sounds good. Tell us more."
Mike: "It lets HSP’s and their customers automatically install and configure Web applications without the technical expertise typically required to deploy these Web packages. It significantly reduces costly customer support calls by enabling hosting customers to quickly install the leading Web scripts with the simple click of a button."

CWH: "What are some of the Web apps supported by Ensim Power Tools?"
Mike: "The product supports Web applications that provide an easy way for customers to integrate rich and dynamic content into their Web sites. For example, PHPNuke and PostNuke for content and management, PHPBB2 and Invision Power Board for discussion boards, PHPOpenChat for chat, Gallery for photo albums, Form Mail for Web form management and OSCommerce for e-commerce."

CWH: "Can you explain how Ensim Power Tools lends itself to tiered hosting plans?"
Mike: "Ensim Power Tools is the only solution that allows HSP’s to create premium plans using these Web applications. They have complete control over which Web applications can be used by which customer. HSP’s can create and offer flexible, tiered hosting plans that range from a simple entry-level offering for the novice user, to an advanced plan that supports e-commerce or Web portal hosting. "

CWH: "What makes Ensim Power Tools so secure?"
Mike: "Because Ensim Power Tools runs seamlessly within Ensim WEBppliance control panels, it is the only product to provide complete security while running Web applications. Most scripts require HSP’s to disable security features like PHP safe_mode, exposing all data on their shared servers. Ensim WEBppliance Pro restricts users to their own Web sites, providing a safe environment in which to offer these premium Web applications. "

CWH: "Is Power Tools available now?"
Mike: "Yes, it’s been available since early September. Ensim Power Tools can be purchased directly from the Ensim store at "

CWH: "Any special deals for your friends at Compare Web Hosts?"
Mike: "Yes, for a limited time, Ensim Power Tools is free of charge with the purchase of Ensim WEBppliance Pro for Linux 250 or unlimited new domain licenses. "

CWH: "What languages is it available in?"
Mike: "English, Spanish and German."

CWH: "How big is Ensim Corporation these days – give us some numbers."
Mike: "Ensim Corporation is the leading global provider of software for the Web and application hosting industry. Today, more than 15,000 providers rely on the Ensim WEBppliance product family to support their shared, dedicated and reseller Web hosting services. Through those providers, Ensim software currently hosts more than 500,000 Web sites and five million mailboxes, with an annual growth rate exceeding 100 percent. More than half of the top U.S. HSP’s rely on Ensim to efficiently deliver hosting services to their customers."

CWH: "Thank you, Mike. Now we’ll roll the credits…"

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