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Interland’s VP of Channel Sales & Marketing, Tiffani Bova On The Business Catalyst Bonus

CWH: "Everyone here remembers the annoucement of Interland’s new Partner Program. Can you fill us in on it?"
Bova: "Yes, Interland has implemented a powerful new bonus program to invest in the success of its reseller partners. It’s called the Business Catalyst Bonus, which grants cash bonuses of up to $12,500 per month."

CWH: "Wow, that’s quite a bonus program!"
Bova: "Actually, the Business Catalyst Bonus is just the first of several enhancements we are planning to roll out over the next several months under the Business Catalyst Partner Program umbrella, with a goal of making Interland's the best reseller program in the Web hosting industry."

CWH: "How did you come up with the Business Catalyst Bonus Program?"
Bova: "We listened! We conducted extensive research, including talking with our own reseller partners, to better understand what they needed. What we found is that no hosting provider was really meeting the strategic needs of resellers. Most of them are small businesses themselves. Seventy-five percent have fewer than 10 employees. They face all the challenges that running a small business entails, including scarce resources and the need to continue to grow their own businesses. So in improving our overall program, we wanted to start with an investment in their business that would help make Interland more integral to their success."

CWH: "How does the Business Catalyst Bonus Program work?"
Bova: "The program, which actually kicked off in July 2002, pays cash bonuses based on a partner's net increase in monthly recurring charges, beginning as low as a net increase of $100, which earns a bonus of $200, and reaching as high as a $12,500 bonus. The cash payments are in addition to existing service discounts that resellers receive."

CWH: "What are your resellers saying about the Bonus Program so far?"
Bova: "The positive response has been overwhelming. For example, Jerry Gorman of New Jersey-based JSite Web Design ( said he appreciates having a provider who is focused on helping him achieve his business goals. Jerry told us, "I feel like Interland is my partner, and I have the backing and the strength I need to expand my business." Gorman plans to funnel the money from the bonus program back into marketing and materials that will help grow his business. He says he already has moved all his customer sites to Interland. "Service and support are important to me. With Interland, I know that at 3:00 in the morning, I can reach knowledgeable and helpful, savvy tech support people. You can't find that with a lot of other hosting providers," explains Jerry."

CWH: "Do you have other good examples of ways your resellers are using their bonuses?"
Bova: "There are so many different ways partners are using the bonus money to improve and grow their businesses. Another great example is Connecticut-based Service Internet Solutions ( In business for seven years, they’ve been an Interland reseller, joining the program when Interland acquired the Web hosting business of AT&T. With five employees, the company does Internet-based applications development for customers nationwide, many of which are already hosting with another provider when they hire the firm to develop solutions. CEO Matt Service said he believes the Business Catalyst program will help him mitigate the costs of moving his customers to the Interland platform. "Because of the reliable and responsive service Interland provides, and the other added value they bring, I feel my customers benefit from being on their platform. But the cost and trouble of moving can be a deterrent. This allows us to mitigate the costs and provide an incentive to move. I think the Business Catalyst bonus is very aggressive compared to other reseller programs in the market.

Or consider South Dakota-based Web development company Electric Pulp ( They provide Web sites for mid- to high-end clients, including leading medical technology companies, U.S. Senators, and a score of high-profile athletes. Partner Aaron Mentele says teaming up with Interland allows them to provide the more robust hosting their high-traffic customers need. Electric Pulp uses the Business Catalyst bonus to help entice clients to upgrade to Interland services. "Many clients come to us with existing first- or second-generation Web sites that aren't adequate to their growing needs. But they're sensitive to the costs of upgrading. We'll be able to use the bonus to further entice them to make the hosting move that will allow us to give them the Web sites they need," said Mentele. As a young, aggressive company, in business since 1997, Mentele says Electric Pulp is always looking for new ways to reward its staff. In addition to the client discounts, Mentele sees the potential funds as a way to provide further incentives to account managers."

CWH: "Sounds intriguing – thank you for this very interesting update. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next for the Business Catalyst Partner Program."

About Interland

Interland, Inc. (Nasdaq: INLD) is the leading provider of business-class Web hosting solutions for small and medium businesses, offering a broad portfolio of standardized Web hosting, e-commerce, and application hosting services, from basic Web sites to managed dedicated hosting solutions. More information about Interland can be found at

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