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Way2Host’s Director of Marketing, William Hartford on “Individual Hosting”

CWH: "Would you please give us a little background on Way2Host?"
William: "Alxhost, a leading provider of hosting solutions, has changed its name and focus and is now Way2Host. As Alxhost, we were known as the hosting arm of Alxnet Tools. Alxnet Tools offers customers the ability to add functionality to their web sites through tools like a Guestbook, Forum, Poll, and much more. Alxhost offered value-added hosting services to both businesses and individuals.

As competition in the hosting industry heightens, hosting providers must re-align their focus to target new untapped customers. Thus, the birth of Way2Host. Way2Host re-focuses Alxhost’s target market to individuals capturing an unmet need for value-added individual hosting. Whether you are a home business or a parent creating a site for your family, Way2Host caters to you!"

CWH: "Why individual-focused hosting?"
William: "Way2Host is catering to smaller customers who have left or want to leave their current hosting provider because they did not feel they were receiving the same degree of attention as other larger customers. Most hosting companies focus their efforts on bigger businesses and do not view individual customers as an attractive target. Contrastingly, individuals are our no#1 priority at Way2Host. Way2Host treats individuals with the care they require and provides them with services they need."

CWH: "What exactly do you mean by “Individual Hosting”?"
William: "Education – This area is perfect for customers that want to offer educational services online…such as teachers’ homepages, online classroom instruction, or for student information sharing.

Family – With family hosting, you can put up the latest baby or wedding photos to show to all your friends and family. Way2Host offers you ample space and features in all packages to place any pictures and information you want on your very own web site! With your own web site, you can separate your pictures and offer commentary as well as provide other information related to your family.

Hobbies - We know you have passions in life. Tell the world about what makes you tick through the hobbies and leisure section of Way2Host. We can offer you tips on how to organize your information and also provide you with a community of others that also share your interests! Use our service to share your ideas with others!"

SOHO - Are you running your business out of your home and need a web site to tell the world that you exist? Well you can use Way2Host to make your web site the most effective marketing tool that you’ve got! Give your potential customers information about your products and services, easily and affordably.

Careers - Are you looking to get your resume online or show perspective employers how really fabulous you are? Get an entire web site to show off all YOUR talents! You don’t have to limit yourself to just submitting your resume to job search engines—create an entire web site that highlights your talents, work experience, and hobbies."

CWH: "So what products do you offer for individual hosting?"
William: "Way2Host offers two hosting plans and a slew of additional items that will enable customers to attain fully functional and feature-rich sites. The main objective when developing our hosting packages was to make them very affordable AND value-added. We offer prompt and friendly service by live agents who understand the problems customers may encounter.

Starter Plan – Our Starter Plan provides affordable web hosting for only $60 per year! That’s right, web hosting focused on the individual user…with a personal mission, to get your web site up and running for one low price. The Starter Plan is geared towards customers who have very basic needs for their web site and want no frills hosting at a very low affordable price! The Starter Plan offers 30MB of disk space, 5 POP/SMTP accounts, free web site statistics and many other features.

Plus Plan – The Plus Plan is Way2Host’s most popular plan, catering to customers who want the biggest “bang for the buck.” For a low $8.95 a month, customers receive a 150MB of disk space, 50 POP/SMTP accounts, Front-Page extensions, free web site statistics AND Alxnet Deluxe Tools for free! With Alxnet Deluxe Tools, you can add your own Guestbook, Forum, and Polls, customized to your specifications and completely complimentary for hosting with us.

Future Items – Way2Host will soon provide specialized tools that will make creating a web site even easier for each individual’s requirements! With these tools, our customers will receive even more value-added service from Way2Host."

CWH: "What kind of feedback are you getting from customers?"
William: "We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who are discovering that Web hosting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to get exactly what they need. Check out what this typical customer had to say:

"I started my own dog walking business last year and have a few regular clients that pay the bills, but wanted to expand the business, and flyers on trees and at grocery stores weren’t cutting it. I decided to put up a web site, which marketed my services and also allowed people to sign up for appointments! Designing it wasn’t a problem but how would I get it up for everyone to see without paying a lot of money that I didn’t have?

I found Way2Host through a search engine and I tell you what, it was exactly what I was looking for. They had a separate SOHO section, which was perfect for me. The prices were way more reasonable than I had expected, and of course I was very happy about that. I didn’t even have to do more research, I signed up right away and have been pleased with the service ever since!

My site is always up and I will soon get additional features and options to enhance my site and offer even more to my clientele! I would recommend Way2Host to any small/home office business owner that has a web site and is looking for a hosting company."

- Jack, Milwaukee, WI

If you’ve decided that you want a Web presence but aren’t sure what all you need or how to get it done, check out our tips for getting started. We guarantee that this will help you in your quest for a Web site!

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